WW Focus

Why is WW Focus ending?
Over the past 6 months of the WW Focus pilot, we have collected incredible insights, which will be used to determine how WW Focus fits into the Weight Watchers program.

I love WW Focus. Is it coming back?
We do too! At this time, we don’t know the future plans for WW Focus.

Can I attend a Focus workshop in another area? Are Focus workshops ending everywhere or just my area/location?
Workshops in all locations will be ending on November 30, 2017.

When is the last WW Focus workshop?
Workshops in all areas will be wrapped by November 30, 2017.

Can I use my WW Focus workshop for another Weight Watchers product or service?
You cannot exchange Focus workshops for other Weight Watchers product or services.

I have a workshop in my account. Can I use it?
After November 30, 2017 any unused workshops will be refunded automatically.

I have a workshop in my account. Can I be refunded?
If you are unable to use the workshop by November 30, 2017 you will be automatically refunded in the weeks following. No refunds for unused workshops will be processed before November 30, 2017.

My refund hasn’t been processed. Can you process it?
Please contact wwfocuspurchases@weightwatchers.com or customer service at 1-800-651-6000.

Refund Policy

  • All refunds will be processed after November 30, 2017 and cannot be processed before then.
  • You do not need to do anything! If you have unused workshops after November 30, 2017 the refund will automatically be processed.
  • For any sales purchased via the Focus website, refunds will automatically be made to the credit card on file. If you’ve paid for a Focus workshop in the meeting room, a cheque will be mailed to your address as indicated in your Focus account. Please confirm the address in your WW Focus account is the address where the cheque should be mailed.
  • If you have purchased a three-pack and have one or two workshops remaining, they will be refunded in the following way:
Remaining Focus Workshop Refund Amount
Three-pack - 3 sessions remaining $45.00
Three-pack - 2 sessions remaining $30.00
Three-pack - 1 session remaining $15.00
Single Workshop $25.00
First Time Special $17.50


Reminder: WW Focus uses a different username/password than your Weight Watchers account.