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Workshops + Digital

Connect with a WW Coach and other members in-person or via Zoom in a wellness session dedicated to your health. Each week’s curriculum is rooted in science-backed strategies to help you lose weight and build healthy habits.

The anatomy of a Workshop

Participate however you’d like

With hundreds of weekly Workshops and almost 100 opened Studio locations so far with safety measures in place, attending has never been more convenient.

Learn NEW science-backed strategies from WW experts

Chat privately with a WW Guide and set goals in your weekly Wellness Check-in, and your WW Coach will help you make simple changes that build healthy habits.

Get tips & tricks from members who understand the journey

Discuss how to best incorporate these new concepts into your life with your Coach and fellow members. We’re always here for you, and you’re here for each other.

Included in your Workshop membership!

Expert coaching

Get private weigh-ins in a Studio or via Zoom chat with a WW coach who knows the ups and downs of the journey because they are WW members too!

Community support

Get the support and the accountability you crave from your fellow WW members. Plus, get access to Connect, our members-only social community.

Exclusive events

Get access to exclusive events - just for WW members! Hear from inspirational speakers, WW experts, and members!

Award-winning app

Our award-winning app including food, fitness, hydration, and sleep tracking, plus recipe inspo with more than 5,000 SmartPoints-friendly recipes to choose from.

Only 30 minutes!

A weekly session dedicated to you and your health

Stay accountable with Workshops

Weigh-in in-person or in the privacy of your own home with a WW coach and use the award-winning WW app to track your progress. With holistic wellness tracking including food, activity, sleep, and hydration, this program in your pocket will support you in between Workshops. 

Learn science-based strategies for weight loss

Stay for a Workshop led by an expert WW Coach trained in behaviour change to help you build healthy habits that can last.

Set and achieve your goals

Get support from fellow members and your Studio team to help you meet challenges and celebrate your success.

“At WW, we put your success first. Our Workshops are designed to alleviate the challenges that impact weight, like lack of sleep or activity, stress, and self-esteem.”


Dr. Gary Foster
Chief Science Officer
PhD in Clinical Psychology

Stay connected. Stay healthy. Stay inspired.

In these times, we know how important community is. Our Workshop experience is the perfect way to work on your wellness goals, even at a distance. With hundreds of Workshops running per week, there is one to fit your schedule.

Coaching & community at home

Our Workshop experience (via Zoom video conferencing) connects you with WW Coaches and other members, and delivers science-backed strategies and inspiration at home. With a 97% satisfaction rating*, Workshops prove we're all in this together.


*Based on 35,000+ member survey responses.

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Workshops + Digital

Each week, get strategies & support from an expert & members like you.


Our app & website have easy-to-use tools to help you reach your goals.

Dual Membership

Join with a partner and cheer each other on, and help hold each other accountable.