Pork Sweet Potato Fry

SmartPoints® value per serving

Meal Items

uncooked scallion(s)

1 cup(s)

garlic clove(s)

1 clove(s), minced

uncooked lean pork tenderloin

3 oz

barbecue sauce

2 Tbsp

uncooked sweet potato(es)

6 cup(s), cooked and sliced

olive oil

1 tsp

sesame seeds

1 tsp

uncooked broccoli

1 cup(s)

cooked cauliflower

1 cup(s)


Heat a non-stick pan sprayed with cooking spray. Sauté garlic and scallions until tender. Brush pork with barbecue sauce and add pork and sweet potato to pan. Heat through, stirring occasionally. Heat oil in a non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. Add sesame seeds and heat. Add broccoli and cauliflower, season to taste and sauté until desired tenderness.