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All NEW! Digital 360

Get next-level support with our squad of Canadian WW Coaches.

What sets Digital 360 Coaches apart?

Digital 360 Coaches are a support squad like no other—and so awesome, you’d love to call them your BFFs. These superstar motivators have reached their own wellness goals—and are still on the journey—so you can count on them for tips, tricks, and advice on your own path to success.

Whether you join once a week or every morning, you’ll find the right Coach for you in our new CoachLIVE sessions.

A woman with long black hair in a black-and-white top and shorts is sitting on a wooden chair eating a slice of pizza off a napkin in front of a box with more slices of pizza. She his looking at her phone and smiling and a laptop is open on the table. A small green plant is in the background.”

The content is always on

From live and on-demand experiences to podcasts, you’ll get insider secrets from weight-loss and wellness pros...all alongside other Digital 360 members.

  • Customized weight-loss and wellness plan
  • Tracking tools including barcode scanner
  • Recipe database & restaurant finder
  • Guided workouts and meditations
  • Weekly check-in and progress report
  • Live & on-demand expert-led digital content

Team up with a like-minded crew

As you find Digital 360 Coaches to follow, you’ll meet an encouraging community of members to keep you motivated and tracking toward your goals.

Meet Coach Chloe

My Hometown: Vaughan, Ontario

My Approach: Losing weight isn't easy. But I believe that YOU were made to do hard things. As a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, I will help you take small steps that will lead to big results. I will motivate you, challenge you, and most importantly, help you enjoy this journey.

Getting Started Tips: When you’re just getting started, you have to be easy on yourself! Don’t worry if you find changes challenging. This is a new LIFESTYLE, and as we all know, life isn’t perfect and you’re not expected to be either.

Meet Coach Jake

My Hometown: Newmarket, Ontario

My Coaching Style: I use my healthcare knowledge as a Registered Nurse and goofy sense of humour to help bring the WW program to LIFE!!! Get ready to laugh, overshare, and eat soooo much delicious food—within our SmartPoints Budget, of course. :D

Fave Thing About Coaching: Meeting all of YOU! Seriously, I am ecstatic for you to join my team and for the chance to connect with y’all each week through our team page posts and CoachLIVES! So team up and tune in!

Meet Coach Emily

My Hometown: Coquitlam, British Columbia

What I know for sure: Finding something that is sustainable is way better than finding a quick fix. Your wellness journey is not a race, and there is no prize for first place. Take time to enjoy yourself and make this time the last time.

My coaching style: I understand your struggles because I have been there myself. I want us as a community to work through all the baggage and noise to make changes. I will help you see that you CAN do hard things. Even if you haven't had success in the past, this time can be different. It might be hard, but nothing good comes easily!

Digital 360 + the myWW+ program + our award-winning app = your recipe for success!

Get healthier and lose weight with our most personalized, holistic approach ever.