Your PersonalPoints Cheat Sheet

What’s new? What’s different? What. Are. We. Calling. Everything? So many questions, all the easy answers—right here.
Published November 2, 2021

WW PersonalPoints™ Program

1 plan—built just for you 3 plans built for many
PersonalPoints (or Points®
A personalized ZeroPoint™ foods list based on foods you eat often and loveA set list of ZeroPoint™ foods
A Budget that you can both grow and spend A Budget that you can only spend
A single, streamlined Points® system that works for both food and activity
SmartPoints and FitPoints®
"Sounds good, right? And that’s just scratching the surface on all the newness around here. We reveal even more about what you can expect (and get excited for!) below. "

PersonalPoints Engine

Answer questions about your food preferences, diabetes status, and activity levels to get a unique PersonalPoints Budget, an individualized ZeroPoint foods list, and your activity target.
Add Points®

For three healthy habits— eating non-starchy veggies, drinking water, and moving more
Updated Points Algorithm

Considers a food’s most important nutritional factors, now with six inputs: In addition to calories and protein, the new formula includes fibre and differentiates between natural vs. added sugars, and unsaturated vs. saturated fats.
Limited to four inputs: calories, protein, saturated fats, and sugar
Individualized ZeroPoint™ Foods List

Completely customized, based on what you tell us you like to eat along with our expertise
One of three preassigned lists
Personalized Budget

Based on your metabolic rate,
customized ZeroPoint foods list,
and ability to add Points
Based on your metabolic rate and which ZeroPoint foods list you were assigned
WW Insider Guides

A step-by-step action plan for reaching your goals
Activity Points

If you sync your fitness device with the WW app, Points will be automatically added to your weekly Points.
To swap your FitPoints, manually update your settings in the app.
Weekly Points
Rollover Points
Program Book
Connect Groups
24/7 Live Coaching