Your Frequently Asked Questions about Weekly PersonalPoints – Answered!

Can you really eat your Weeklies and lose weight? Yes, you can! In fact, research shows that those who eat their weeklies are more likely to enjoy long-term weight loss.
Published April 12, 2022
What are Weeklies?

Weekly PersonalPoints aka “Weeklies” are a personalized bucket of Points you get in addition to your Daily Points Budget. They can act like a cushion on days you go over your Dailies. Your Weekly Budget is based on your goals, ZeroPoint foods, metabolism, and lifestyle, as shared in the PersonalPoints Engine. Generally, a longer ZeroPoint food list will mean a smaller Budget of Dailies and Weeklies, while a shorter ZeroPoint foodlist will mean a larger Budget.

How Should Weeklies Be Used?

There’s no right or wrong way to use Weeklies. Once you’ve used all of your Daily PersonalPoints, the app will automatically pull from your Weekly Budget. You can choose to use your Weeklies throughout the week, or save them up for a special occasion. And you can always grow your weekly Budget by adding Points for activity! Plus, if you don’t use all of your Daily Points, each day the app will automatically rollover up to four of your unused Daily Points into your Weekly Budget.

Weekly PersonalPoints do not rollover. On your check-in day, any existing Weekly Points will be replaced with a fresh bucket of Points.

How is it Possible to Lose Weight While Eating All of these Extra Points?

The PersonalPoints program - including your Daily and Weekly Points, as well as your ZeroPoint Foods list - are all calibrated to provide an energy deficit so that most people are able to lose 1-2 pounds per week. In order to maintain an energy deficit, only half of the Points burned from physical activity are added to your Weekly Budget.

Research shows that following a program that is not overly restrictive and that allows for special occasions, makes the program livable and sustainable, thus increasing the likelihood of long term weight loss success.

Do I Have to use All of My Weekly PersonalPoints?

The PersonalPoints program is all about flexibility. So you can choose to use some, all or none of your Weekly Points Budget. But rest assured, you will still lose weight if you dip into your Weeklies.

I’m Not Losing Weight. Should I Stop Eating My Weeklies?

We do not recommend avoiding using your Weeklies if you are seeing a weight loss plateau. Instead, it may be time to take a closer look at how many ZeroPoint foods you’re eating, double check your portion size, or try retaking the PersonalPoints Engine to get a new ZeroPoint food list and Budget that better serves your goals and lifestyle.