Your 7-Day Dinner Plan: Catch of the Day

From cod and snapper to shrimp and clams, there's a little something here for any seafood fan.
Published August 23, 2021

Some home cooks find seafood intimidating to prepare at home, but with the right recipes to guide you, anyone can master cooking this lean, healthy protein.

Afraid to grill fish? Try the snapper cooked in foil packets with sweet pineapple for easy cleanup and absolutely no sticking to the grates. Or how about this for a grilling hack: cook cod fillets on a bed of lemon slices on the grill; you not only avoid sacrificing half of your fish to the grate gods, but you also get the extra depth of flavour from the charred lemons.

And if you think clams and mussels are out of your league, consider the fact that they both cook in under 10 minutes and require little more than a rinse and some scrubbing to prep.

Make this the week you dive (!) into one or all of these simple seafood recipes so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying yourself at the dinner table.