Where to find fitness support in your app

You’ve got fitness at your fingertips in the WW app

The WW app is your go-to for everything you need to know about your myWW+ plan and that includes access to exclusive workouts and fitness content. Your WW app has a library of more than 250 audio and video workouts, included with your membership. Getting active is an important part of losing weight and reaching your wellness goals, and the WW app is here to help.

The Activity tab

To get started, select the “Activity” tab at the very top of the “My Day” main page. The activity tab contains your fitness information while the food tab keeps track of all things nutrition and SmartPoints. Unlike SmartPoints that diminish as you track food, FitPoints are earned through engaging in different activities. FitPoints are unique to you and based on your physical characteristics. FitPoints are designed to help you become more aware of how much you move. The “Activity” page contains a variety of tools designed to support you and your fitness journey including:

  • FitPoint tracking and your weekly progress
  • In app workouts from FitON
  • In app workouts from Aaptiv

FitON workouts

The FitOn library of workouts can be found by tapping the FitOn button on the “Activity My Day” page. FitOn provides members with premium video fitness routines that can be done from home, many require no equipment at all. Once you’ve opened the FitOn page there are a few ways to find workouts.

Search bar: If you have a workout in mind, the search bar is a great place to start. For example, if you search “Arms” you will see a variety of exercises targeting arms that range in difficulty and duration.

Filtering by time or intensity: When you scroll down on the FitON page you will find a section that allows you to find workouts by filtering by time or intensity. This is a perfect way to find a workout that is suited to your level and schedule.

Filtering by activity type: If you continue to scroll on the FitOn page you can find a series of workouts categorized by type. This method can help you zero in on specific types of workouts and is a great strategy to find routines that suit your interests. With categories that range from low impact to pilates and toning; there is something for everyone.

FitOn challenges: FitON challenges can be found on the main FitON page as well. If you are looking to stay motivated or start a routine, these challenges are a great place to start. FitOn challenges are a great way to keep up your motivation and can encourage you to try more intense workouts.

Browsing through the FitON tool can help you discover new workouts that keep you moving and motivated. Plus, when you complete a workout your FitPoints are automatically added to your day! If you find a workout that you really enjoy, don’t forget to save it to your workout library so you can find it easily next time.

Aaptiv Workouts

Your WW app also features a library of Aaptiv workouts. Aaptiv is a leader in audio fitness instruction that provides WW members with various guided workouts. The Aaptiv library of workouts can be found easily by tapping the Aaptiv button on the “My Day” page in the “Activity tab”. Aaptiv workouts are categorized by their intensity, which provide options for different fitness levels.

Aaptiv routines can gently get you moving or help you work up a sweat with more challenging moves. From 10-minute guided walks to cardio and strength routines there are options for every level and interest. Don’t forget to track your Aaptiv workouts to earn FitPoints.

The Discover Tab

If you are looking for more fitness inspiration, don’t forget to check out the Discover section in the WW app. New fitness articles are added every week to keep you inspired and moving. From workout recovery help to tips on staying active throughout the year, there is something for everyone. The Discover tab can be found by tapping the newspaper icon on the bottom of the WW app.

So whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just need help getting started the WW app is there to support you along your journey.