WeightWatchers Big Chocolate Round up

All the delicious details of our 16 chocolate treats.
Published June 15, 2022

Chocolate lovers - you’re in the right place! Tasty chocolate products are a staple in our WeightWatchers Shop and we’re here to break down all of their delicious details for you. From crunchy to chewy, from spreadable to drinkable - there is something for everyone!

Mini Bar Madness:

Always a member favourite - these tasty little bars come in a wide range of flavours.

  1. Triple Decker Chocolate Mini Bar : There’s nothing but pure chocolate, crunchy crisps, and gooey marshmallow in this melt-in-your-mouth mini bar flavour.
  2. Chocolate Caramel Mini Bar: With 3 grams of fibre per serving and lots of rich caramel flavour, these Mini Bars are a delicious PersonalPoints-friendly way to treat yourself.
  3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Mini Bar: Enjoy the classic combination of chocolate and creamy peanut butter infused with a touch of honey.
  4. Mint Cookie Crunch Mini Bar: Intense chocolate flavour, real cookie pieces, and refreshing mint make these bars a delicious break in any busy day.
  5. Chocolate Pretzel Mini Bar: Enjoy the combination of salty, crunchy pretzels with sweet, rich, chocolaty flavour in these bars.

More Chocolate Snacks

MORE chocolate you say? Continuing the showcase of our many chocolaty snack options.

  1. Smores Mini Squares: Get the flavours of your favourite camping snack in a portable treat you can enjoy anywhere.
  2. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mini Squares: A classic combination - The flavour of dark chocolate and raspberries pairs perfectly in this treat.
  3. Oat and Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies: Chewy oats, semi-sweet chocolate and subtle flavours of vanilla and cinnamon come together for a dessert that’s as delicious as it is easy.
  4. Chocolate Drizzle Puffs: Our airy take on chocolate cake. Made with cocoa powder, quinoa, chia seeds, and flax seeds, these crisp, light snacks deliver a burst of fun flavour.

Decadent Flavoured Bars

The newest addition to our chocolate collection - these decadent bars offer rich, sweet flavours for only 3 PersonalPoints.

  1. Milk Chocolate Caramel Swirl Bar: The new Milk Chocolate Caramel Swirl Bars brings together two decadent flavours: rich milk chocolate & creamy caramel
  2. Dark Chocolate Peanut Caramel Bar: Rich dark chocolate, creamy caramel, crunchy peanuts and smooth nougat…Enjoy these decadent flavours.
  3. Milk Chocolate Nougat Bar: The WW Milk Chocolate Nougat Bar has all the milk chocolaty, fluffy-nougaty flavour goodness.

Beyond the Bar

While chocolate snacks are always welcomed - we have a few other products that let you add a bit of chocolate into other parts of your day.

  1. WW x Better’n Peanut Butter® Chocolate Spread: Creamy, chocolatey, and deliciously decadent, the WW x Better’n Peanut Butter® Chocolate Spread has only 2 PersonalPoints™ and 1 gram of sugar.
  2. Fudge Brownie Mug Cake Mix: This just-right portion of cake is a subtly sweet and sophisticated WW dessert, with a light, fluffy texture.
  3. Chocolate Protein Booster: Made with real cocoa, this chocolate-flavoured protein powder blends easily into beverages, mixes into batter, or works as a topper for hot cereals and desserts.
  4. Chocolate Flavour Sweet Seasonings: Add a hint of sweetness and chocolatey goodness to any of your favourite snacks. Try it on popcorn, add a dash to your morning oatmeal, or create a chocolate yogurt parfait.