Weight Loss On The Go

How WW Digital 360 helped Ronda lose 25 lbs
Published November 17, 2021

A busy construction manager who often spends four days a week living in hotels between Western Canada, Ottawa, and Toronto, Ronda M. was committed to her WW weight loss journey but struggled to attend Virtual Workshops.

The perfect solution presented itself in April 2021 when WW Canada launched Digital 360 (D360), a new membership type that offers members exclusive live and on-demand coaching experiences led by coaches with weight loss and wellness expertise.

“I spend most of my time on the road so I don’t have the access to Workshops” explains Ronda. With D360, “you can listen to the D360 [CoachLIVE] sessions after the fact, which I really like.”

Ronda was one of the first members to join D360 in April and has been on the program ever since.

“I’m in the right place,” Ronda says. With the D360 CoachLIVEs “you can chime in electronically and type something if you want, or you can listen in and take in what other people have to say.”

Since joining D360, Ronda has been consistently losing one pound per week.

“It took me 20 years to put it on, and if I can get it off in two, I think that’s pretty good,” says Ronda of her weight loss goal. “[D360] gives me something to think about. It’s usually something I watch before I go to bed so it helps me set my mind for the next day.”

Having access to CoachLIVE sessions on-demand and other exclusive D360 content such as podcasts, quick tips, and the team pages to connect with coaches and other members has provided Ronda with the flexibility and support she was missing. As a result, Ronda has shifted her mindset and her approach to food, activity, sleep, and self-care.

“People say it’s 80%-20% food and exercise but I feel like it’s 60% wellness, whether that’s rest or balance or just giving yourself a mental break, and then it’s 30% food and 10% activity,” Ronda says explaining her new sustainable approach to weight loss and wellness.

Three coaches, three unique perspectives

Each of the three Canadian D360 coaches offers a different perspective and approach to weight loss and wellness.

“I chose early on to follow all three [D360 coaches],” says Ronda.

Coach Emily

For on-the-go meal ideas and time-saving tips, Ronda finds inspiration with Coach Emily.

“I’ve had to do a lot of meal prep because I’m on the road, and so I cook a lot on weekends, freeze meals and then I bring everything to Toronto with me and stick it in my hotel fridge,” explains Ronda. “[Emily] does a lot of meal prep and batch cooking, which I like.”

Coach Emily is a mom of four and a recovering serial dieter who has lost 50 pounds with WW. Previous to being a D360 coach, Emily was a workshop coach and is now also the co-host of the WW Presents podcast. A big believer that vulnerability creates connection, Emily encourages her team members to share their challenges and lean on each other as they discover the helpful strategies that work best for their individual weight and wellness journeys.

Coach Chloe

Chloe “is down to earth. She’s just a genuine gal who’s trying to help people out and give her perspective, which I like. Thanks to her tips, I'm doing complete pushups without modifications!”

Coach Chloe is a television producer turned certified personal trainer and group fitness trainer, new mom, and creator of The Sweat Movement, a fitness and wellness blog. Her mantra is “you’re stronger than you think you are!” and she loves empowering members to discover activities that they enjoy and that make them feel strong. When she’s not challenging members to move more, Chloe can be seen on The Social, where she’s an on-air fitness expert.

For solutions to common weight and wellness challenges, Ronda turns to Coach Jake.

Coach Jake

“Jake is always trying to find a hack. How do we make this awesome takeout meal something that’s more manageable or how do we make Friday night snacks a bit lower in Points,” says Ronda. “He’s a lot of fun!”

Coach Jake is a registered nurse, media personality, and wellness influencer. His years of experience as a nurse plus his television broadcast experience allow him to offer a unique and science-backed perspective on weight loss and wellness with genuine enthusiasm. From whipping up a yummy snack to sharing tips for the use of workout equipment, Jake never fails to entertain and educate.

Ronda’s three tips for success on WW D360

  1. Set small goals
  2. Participate in CoachLIVEs
  3. Engage with the community

Ronda’s Day on a Plate

What it looks like eating PersonalPoints-friendly meals.


Mushroom and Pepper Frittata with Tomato and Basil


Curried French Lentil and Butternut Squash Stew


Roast Salmon with Warm Blueberry Sauce