Simple Snack-Attack Tips

Don’t panic when you have a sudden snack craving – just follow our top tips to beat them
Published January 11, 2017

Cracking snack attacks is one of the toughest parts about losing weight. The answer isn’t iron willpower – no one is saying you should quit them altogether – but adopting some smart snacking habits can help you overcome moments of weakness.

Here’s how to enjoy the ones you want, and say no to the ones you don’t:

Swap your snacks for healthier choices. Remove sweet nibbles from your house or office, and replace them with fruit, veggie sticks, plain popcorn, or zero fat yogurt.

Distract yourself whenever you’re tempted. Get up from your desk or the sofa, call a friend, jump on social media or do some simple stretches

Change your environment to change your habits. Always walk past the coffee shop on the way to work? Try a different route. Do you snack watching TV? Keep your hands busy by taking up knitting!

Be SmartPointsTM prepared – if you know the value of certain snacks, you can decide if something is worth having, or whether it’s better to hold out for something more satisfying. Not sure? Use our app when you’re out and about.

Work out why you’re snacking. Feeling angry, lonely, sad or bored will all make you hungry – but it’s not for food. Acknowledge what you’re feeling and find a positive way to deal with that emotion.

Don’t beat yourself up if you do have one too many cookies – negative thinking will only cause you to give up. Nobody’s perfect! Draw a line under it and move on.