Rooted in science

How WW uses the latest data to guide its holistic approach to weight loss

Food, activity, sleep, and mindset. These are the four pillars of WW’s approach to weight loss. While each of these things is important on its own, the combined power when all four work together is undeniable. Each affects the other, and they can all work together to help us achieve our health and fitness goals.

The new myWW+ is backed by science. All three WW plans, Green, Blue, and Purple, were tested with nearly 20,000 members around the world through interviews, concept testing, pilots, and clinical trials. And the science behind WW is supported and verified by a scientific advisory board of experts.

The holistic approach starts right when you sign up. With WW’s new personal assessment, you’ll get a customized plan that’s designed for you, based on your goals and lifestyle. Then with weekly check-ins, progress reports and your own personal action plan, you can set achievable goals for yourself each week and get a clear picture of how you’re doing.

Here’s a look at how WW supports you through those four pillars.


WW is built on the latest nutritional and behaviour change research to help you eat what you love while building healthy habits. We make more than 200 decisions about what to eat each day, but WW’s science-backed SmartPoints® system takes the guesswork out of that, making it easier to decide what to eat, cook or order.

Here’s how SmartPoints work: The system combines complex nutritional data to give a SmartPoints value to every food and drink – these values can fluctuate depending on which plan you’re on, Green, Blue or Purple. Calories establish the baseline, protein sends the SmartPoints value lower, and sugar and saturated fat send it higher. The logic behind this comes from a number of studies that have shown there are health benefits (including, but not limited to, weight loss) to eating more protein and eating less sugar and saturated fat.

WW has also created a list of ZeroPointTM foods, which are foods that were specifically chosen by the WW nutrition team because they form the foundation of a healthy pattern of eating. The plan with the largest SmartPoints Budget has the fewest ZeroPoint foods, and the plan with the smallest SmartPoints Budget has the most ZeroPoint foods. Most ZeroPoint foods are fruits and veggies, but some plans also include things like eggs or skinless chicken breast on the ZeroPoint list.

Each of the three plans has been proven to work equally well – your choice of plan just depends on your tastes and your lifestyle. And you can always try a different colour plan to see which one works best for you.


Regular physical activity helps you burn calories, stay limber, sleep well and feel better.

The WW app’s updated activity dashboard now gives you better insight into your progress over time, and encourages you to stay active with daily and weekly progress trackers.

You can easily track all your activity, sync your wearable fitness tracker and gain FitPoints for your activity achievements.

The app also has tons of workouts available, through partnerships with FitOn and Aaptiv. There are both audio and video options, and lots of different styles so you can find something you enjoy. Data show you’re more likely to work out if you’re having fun while doing it.

And to keep you motivated, you’ll get encouraging messages from the app when you hit an activity milestone. Having that support and encouragement right in the palm of your hand will help you stay motivated to keep hitting your activity goals.


It may not be one of the first things you think of when you think about weight loss, but sleep plays a crucial role in losing weight and maintaining overall health. With the new Sleep Tracker, you can now track your sleep quality, set bedtime reminders, and use WW’s science-backed system to help you identify and overcome your personal sleep roadblocks so you can make a plan to improve your sleep quality for good.


Having the right mindset can make all the difference. Fighting with yourself, thinking unkind thoughts about your body, being chronically stressed out – all these things can make it harder to achieve your health and fitness goals and make you unhappy.

The new myWW+ has tons of tools to help you hack your mindset and master this pillar of health.

If you’re new to WW, Digital Kickstart sessions can help you deal with the overwhelm of starting something new. These sessions led by a WW coach will help you have an awesome first week and set you up for future success.

Next, there’s 5-Minute Coaching, which uses scientific techniques to help you manage eating, outsmart stress and shift your thinking. There are audio sessions ranging from one to five minutes that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

To find your calm, you can try guided meditations through WW’s partnership with Headspace. These can help you manage your stress and practise mindfulness.

You can also attend virtual workshops, a helpful tool if you’re not able to go to a workshop in person or if such gatherings are still prohibited in your area. Workshops are often touted by members as the key to their success, because of the guidance and advice from coaches and the support of fellow group members who are on the same journey.

And last but most certainly not least is Connect, the social media portion of the WW app where the vast community of WW members around the world gathers to support one another. Studies have shown that having a workout buddy (or two or three!) makes you more likely to stick with your fitness program – and who doesn’t appreciate having a friend to vent to every now and then? On Connect, you can find inspiration, support, recipe ideas and even new friends. There are all sorts of different community groups you can join through the app to find members who are in your area, on your plan, in your age group or even members who just love sharing photos of their cats and dogs.