Reality-Check the Holidays

Take the pressure off, adjust expectations, and enjoy!

Sure, December is a festive time, but it can also seem like a weight-loss disaster in waiting. We're surrounded by tantalizing aromas of favourite holiday foods. Add to that the convivial atmosphere, and, often, free-flowing booze at holiday events and you’re perilously close to munching your way through the season, or at least the party.

Worried about how you'll make it through to the New Year without undoing all your hard work? No need. Between our tools, the flexibility of the plan, and a few smart mental shifts, you make it through the month feeling good about yourself.

Be realistic

That's the first thing to do! You probably won’t have time to lovingly wrap all your gifts with handmade paper and elaborate bows, someone will push food on you, and a batch of your famous sugar cookies will scorch on the bottom. Your Weekly gives you an effective way to shift from unhelpful thoughts to helpful ones. What you think about a situation affects how you feel, which in turn influences what you do. Shifting to a realistic but positive mindset can lead you to take smart actions:

Get app-y!

If you haven't done so already, take a few minutes to download the Weight Watchers Mobile app so you can stick with the tools, recipes, restaurants, and, of course, the encouragement of Connect, trending our social network.

Take it easy

You might fire on all cylinders the rest of the year, but no matter how motivated you are, this is a difficult time to make drastic changes. Keep it simple and celebrate small victories like remembering to pack a healthy snack for work so you’re less distracted by the holiday candy. Consider keeping your weight loss on hold during the holidays or even allowing yourself a small gain—that can help you feel less pressure. And it’s way better to control your choices than to be too rigid, find yourself feeling deprived, and then overdoing it.

Track to stay on track

It’s pretty simple: The more often you track what you eat, the greater your chance of staying on plan. So track as well as you can. We know sometimes life can get a bit busy; that’s why My Day features lots of shortcuts that help streamline tracking. If all else fails, snapping a photo of your meal can help you keep tabs on what you eat—especially during times when it’s most challenging.