Plug in to Wellness Podcasts

We round up three wellness podcasts sure to entertain and inspire.
Published June 25, 2017

Podcasts are a great source of entertainment and education, and what’s best is that you can listen to them anywhere, and anytime, and you can listen to them while doing other things – like driving, cleaning, or making dinner – so you can double up on duty and leisure, and not sacrifice either one.

Looking for some essential podcasts that speak to wellness? Here we’ve rounded up a three shows for you to try:

Happier with Gretchen Rubin: Gretchen Rubin is the bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better than Before. In this podcast, she gets pretty personal and offers practical advice about being happy. She co-hosts the show with her younger sister, Elizabeth Craft, a TV writer and producer.  

From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl: Rachel Brathen wears many hats – she’s an international yoga teacher, an author, a speaker, and a serial entrepreneur, known as Yoga Girl. Her goal is to help listeners uncover the light within their own hearts as she delves into topics like well-being, yoga, love, trust, overcoming adversity, and finding balance.

Bulletproof Radio: Run by Silicon Valley investor and tech entrepreneur Dave Asprey, this podcast offers a variety of topics – just recently, they’ve discussed plant-based diets, the entrepreneurial free spirit, thyroid disease, and the idea of curing erectile dysfunction with stem cell therapy – yes. Asprey’s goal is to use technology to find ways to “upgrade your mind, body, and life.” He brings high-profile guests on the show, including recent guest Morgan Spurlock, of Super Size Me fame, to discuss everything from creativity to toxins.

What’s a podcast?

A podcast is essentially an Internet radio show you can listen to on your phone or online.

The folks at International Podcast Day describe podcasts like this: “A ‘podcast’ is sort of difficult to explain because there really isn’t anything else like it – but rather, many things that are kind of like it. A good starting point is to think of a podcast as ‘Internet Radio On-Demand.’”  Though typically audio content, podcasts can include video as well.

Podcasts are available in all genres, covering an enormous range of topics – from daily news to serial crime analysis to literary discussions to health and wellness advice. And they’re popular too – according to Edison Research, podcasting is continuing to grow, with monthly listeners rising from 21 per cent to 24 per cent year over year.

These three above are just a tiny snippet of what’s out there in the podcast realm, so we encourage you to search your Android Google Play Store or your iTunes App Store for the wellness podcast that’s perfect for you. Happy listening!