Pivoting the patio to the comfort of your home - plus 30 recipes to try!

Missing the outdoor patio experience? Here are our tips for turning your backyard green space into a restaurant-worthy place.
Published May 6, 2021

Longer days and rays of sun is an indication that patio season is upon us. Gathering in crowds may not be an option, but, lounging in your backyard space is certainly allowed. To make transitioning your patio into an outdoor oasis a breeze, we’ve curated an easy to follow how-to guide. Whether it’s picking the perfect, plush pillows or narrowing down your signature drink, transforming your backyard space is easier than you think.

If it’s a boozy brunch or simple barbecue supper you’re planning for, we’re here to help bring your vision to life. Converting your outdoor living space into a restaurant-worthy patio atmosphere means more than just setting a few chairs around a table and having a couple drinks - and we’re here to help make it easy.

Must haves to set the scene

When you’re looking to recreate that restaurant patio experience, make a checklist that includes your wants and needs. Your needs are an extension of what you would expect to find on a patio menu such as food and beverage options. Your wants are going to be used to amplify the ambiance of dining outdoors such as mood lighting, seasonal decor, upbeat or mellow tunes, cozy seating, and more. Here are some suggestions for transforming your backyard into an outdoor oasis.


Picking the perfect theme will set the tone for your backyard patio. Missing the Mexican flare from your favourite Tex-Mex bar? Plan a fiesta with colourful decor, fresh herbs and flavours, meat-centric dishes, and pitchers of margaritas. Looking to recreate the romantic patio experience at an Italian pizzeria? Line your tables with red and white checkered tablecloths, place wood charcuterie boards down for meats, cheeses, and jarred spreads, and display a variety of wines to choose from. Craving some southern barbecue from your go-to bar and grill? Put out samplers of various beers, sauces, and grilled meats. If you have a fire pit, keep it lit throughout mealtime to mimic the aroma of a smokehouse.


Food and beverages aren’t the only feature of patios that pique the interest of diners. Often, what drives people to an outdoor dining experience is the vibe that the atmosphere provides. Lucky enough, a great ambiance can be budget-friendly, especially if you already have some of these décor items readily available. String lights, candles, greenery or floral arrangements, patio umbrellas, and seat cushions make great additions to your at-home patio experience.

Handmade menu

If you’re trying to replicate the patio experience to its full capacity, a handmade menu is not a must-have, but a personal added touch. The menu design can be a fun, interactive family process that turns into an art project for kids. An item such as this can function as more than just a display of food and beverages but rather as a keepsake for an at-home patio experience shared among loved ones.

Signature drink

To spice up a simple patio experience, create a fun, signature drink to complement your theme and menu. Whether it’s a cocktail or mocktail, this is where you can truly let your creativity flow by adding various juices, spirits, and garnishes. Some examples of theme and signature drink pairings include: patio pizzeria and sangrias, fiesta and margaritas, and barbecue and bourbon sours.


Creating or choosing an appropriate playlist will set the tone for your outdoor dining experience. Keep in mind that your choice in music should align with both the theme and mood you’re trying to achieve. Opt for more romantic classics for a dining experience just for two or upbeat pop hits for a casual at-home patio meal with family.

WW patio appetizers to dig into

Hungry for something handheld? Whether it’s a baked bite, savoury sauce, or crispy crunch, these patio appetizers will have you reaching for them by the bunch!

WW patio seasonal sippers

Looking for some quick and easy restaurant-worthy drink recipes? These fresh and flavourful cocktails and mocktails are perfect for balconies, backyards, patios, and terraces. You won’t feel like you’re missing a beat enjoying these drinks from your at-home patio seat!