Success Stories

Online and in Control

“Now I’m far more aware of what I’m eating and more involved in my life. Quite honestly that’s how we should live life anyway!”
Published November 6, 2015


Andrea   Lost 80.5 lbs

“ Now I’m far more aware of what I’m eating and more involved in my life. Quite honestly that’s how we should live life anyway! ” 

Andrea, a working mother of three, was nearly 100 pounds more than she weighed before she got pregnant for the first time. She was an emotional overeater and spent a lot of her time nurturing her family and her career, not realizing she was neglecting herself. That’s when, as a new year’s resolution, she decided to subscribe to Weight Watchers Online. Today she’s 80 pounds* lighter and not looking back.

Getting started
At first I didn’t tell anyone I subscribed to Weight Watchers Online because there was always the possibility that I wouldn’t be successful. But as I started to see results, I joined a running group. This was a huge step for me because I always wanted to be a runner, but I was scared I’d fail or that I’d get hurt trying. I told everyone in the group that I was following the Weight Watchers plan and they kept encouraging me, both in my diet and my running. That’s when I realized the value of having others around you for motivation. 

Why Online?

Weight Watchers worked for me because it gave me the ability to make the choices. I didn’t want a Plan that I didn’t know how to follow in real life. Being a mother of three and working full time you don’t have a lot of luxury when it comes to time. I didn’t really have time for the meetings so following the plan online worked especially well for me. I also didn’t want there to be any excuse for me to quit. I’m always near a computer or my phone. I love the interactive tools available online and I live by my iPhone app. I go everywhere with it. I use it when I’m at restaurants. And if I ever have a question or felt a feeling of panic over the process, all I had to do was go online and I found a vast network of information and inspiration.

Biggest changes

I think in the past I allowed other people to make decisions for me. When I went to a restaurant, whatever the specialty was is what I ate. At a party, whatever was out, that’s what I’d choose. That’s the biggest difference for me and my life now. I have the capability to make better choices. Having Weight Watchers Online with it’s interactive tools helps me feel more in control because I’m more aware of what I’m eating and far more involved in my life. Quite honestly that’s how we should live life anyway!

The fitness factor

When I started Weight Watchers I couldn’t really run because I was a little too heavy and it was hard on my knees. But once I lost some weight I built up to a 10k, then a half marathon, and now I’ve run two full marathons! I track all my workouts on as well as on Weight Watchers Online.

Family matters

Weight Watchers didn’t just change my life, it changed my family. Now, we as a family can make better decisions. I didn’t want to show my kids that you can work very hard for a very short period of time to reach a goal and then lose all you worked for three months later. What I want to teach them is to understand that you have to make continuous positive choices in your life to reach the goals that you want to achieve. There’s nothing more precious than being able to positively impact your children. I never had that type of role model in my life, so I’m thankful for the opportunity to teach my kids how to be well-nourished and eat healthily.

In fact, after while of being on Weight Watchers, they started seeing that mom was becoming a different person. It allowed me to show them what I’m moving toward wasn’t just a weight-loss, it was a life change.

My husband and I started exercising together, and he wouldn’t really follow the Plan right away, but after he started seeing results, he said, maybe I’ll start doing this as well. And now he’s lost quite a bit of weight, too. Our family is much more active and we make better choices when we’re around the table. We tend to look for things that are a lot healthier. And the kids are involved in sports, so we’re always doing something outside. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back.

Andrea’s Tips
  • Read success stories to find someone you can relate to. But at the same time realize they’re all a little bit different, meaning that to be successful, you have to write your own story, not just be a carbon copy of someone else’s.
  • Whenever you do reach a certain number or dress size, go out and have a great time. Celebrate! Life is about celebrating and being happy about yourself.
  • Exercise on a regular basis. It’s not only healthy, but helps you maintain your food budget in a way that you can make a choice like having a slice of pizza or a glass of wine and still stay on plan.
  • Love your lower value foods. I have soup with every lunch, a Jell-o snack for dessert, a sugar-free candy at midday and veggies before dinner. These little tricks help me save my allowance for the foods I really want to eat.