Notice anything different?

We’ve got a new look, but that’s just the start!

WW is about to take some big steps to deliver on the purpose we announced back in February: We inspire healthy habits for real life. For people, families, communities, the world—for everyone. And today is the day we start bringing that purpose to life.

What’s new?

First off, we are moving from Weight Watchers to WW—a mark that’s rooted in the familiar but reimagined to welcome everyone who seeks to be healthier, not just manage their weight. And because we have always delivered the world’s most effective programs, we have a new tagline: Wellness that Works™.

In the coming weeks and months, you’ll see some great new developments. We’re moving deeper into mindset with innovations that will help you focus on what really matters to achieve your goals. We’ll be strengthening Connect, the heart and soul of WW, with new ways to find like-minded members. We’ll be introducing FitPoints® 2.0; smarter and more personalized than ever. We will be launching WellnessWins™, a one-of-a-kind rewards program that delivers inspiration on every step of your journey! The healthy behaviours you’re already doing will earn you “Wins” you can redeem for cool products and experiences, delivered to your door. For free! We’re creating better food options by removing all artificial sweeteners, colouring, and flavouring from every food product that carries our brand starting in January. And we’ll be growing WW Good, our social impact program dedicated to helping underserved communities build healthy habits.

Learn more about WW’s evolution here, and stay tuned as we introduce exciting new tools, rewards, and experiences. We’ll be listening for your feedback, as always, because nothing matters more to us than the members of our community—past, present, and future...