The New Treadmill Trend

The hottest fitness fad is an old, familiar friend. Discover five new reasons it can work for you.
Published June 10, 2018

Move over, elliptical! The tried-and-true treadmill is the latest darling of fitness fans. You’ll see it everywhere, from dedicated running studios to boot camps. Why? Treadmills offer simplicity and flexibility—and they can kick your butt.

1) You'll run at your own pace—together. No more worrying about falling behind—or having to wait up—like when you run with your friends outside. On treadmills, you can each set your own speed and still run side by side.

2) You'll love low tech. Mechanical treadmills are popping up in gyms across the country. The draw? Woodway, which sells the motorless Curve machine, claims that you could zap up to 30 per cent more calories on its treadmill than you would on a motorized belt.

3) You'll step up—smartly. Whether you walk or run, boost the incline 1 notch every 2 minutes. Once you’re really feeling it, back off 1 notch every 2 minutes until you’re flat again—then start over. You’ll spend more time at higher levels without feeling overwhelmed by drastic changes.

4) You'll HIIT it hard. Try a high intensity interval training workout from Debora Warner, founder of the treadmill-training studio Mile High Run Club in New York City: Start at a fast pace for 6 minutes, go slow for 3. Speed up for 5, recover for half as long. Decrease sprints by 1 (speeding up each time). Do the last minute at an all-out effort and cool down.

5) You'll stride away stress. Treat your treadmill workout as a mindful moving meditation. Focus on your breathing and form, not your pace. That’ll block out the rest of the world and bring you to a place of peace. Embrace it.