“My Budget Changed—What Do I Do?”

Daily Points® went up? Great! Daily Points went down? Also great! Allow us to explain and show you how to unlock success on our new science-backed program.
Published October 22, 2021

So you’ve taken the PersonalPoints™ Engine for a drive and gotten your brand-new, just-for-you Budget. Are things looking a little…different-ish? If you’re feeling a certain way about the new changes, we get it. But after two years of rigorous testing with literally thousands of members, we’ve got plenty of tips to help you get the most out of your new plan.

If Your Budget Has Changed, Here’s Why

The PersonalPoints Engine crunched the data

To build the most livable and effective weight-loss plan for you, the PersonalPoints Engine looked at:

  • The foods you love
  • Your metabolic rate
  • Your weight goals
  • If you have diabetes

From there, it built a plan that would give you:

  • Lots of foods that you love without the need to track
  • PLUS a Budget for all the other foods that make life fun
  • PLUS room for you to add more Points—and spend them—without gaining weight

Change is exciting (progress! growth!), but let’s be real—we know that it interrupts your regularly scheduled programming. Here are some tips to help you shift your perspective from interruption to opportunity—a chance to take a fresh look at your choices and eating habits.

If Your Budget Went Down…

You told us that you really love lots of different ZeroPoint™ foods

And we listened! That said, your Budget and ZeroPoint foods list work together, so there has to be some give and take. The more ZeroPoint foods you have, the lower your Budget will be—and vice versa.

Fewer PersonalPoints™/More ZeroPoint™ Foods

So…how do I work this?

💡Look at all the NEW ZeroPoint foods you have! ➡️ You have all these new foods you don’t have to measure or count. Enjoy them! Try having a new ZeroPoint food with every meal or snack and see if you notice any differences.
💡Foods that are higher in fibre and protein are now lower in Points—and they’ll help you stay full. ➡️ Avocados, Beans, Whole-wheat spaghetti, Walnuts, Brown rice. All of these are lower in Points than before but still just as delicious.
💡Use your weeklies and rollovers.➡️ They’re still here! And they’ve already been factored into your Budget, so using them won’t hurt your weight loss. (Promise.)
💡Get. More. Points. ➡️ Grab your sneakers and go for a walk. Add a handful of spinach to your omelet. Chug some H2O. Boost your Budget as much, or as little, as you want: You’re in control—and you’re building healthy habits that last!

If Your Budget Went Up…

You told us that you love lots of different kinds of foods

Hey, we’re on board with that! That’s why the PersonalPoints Engine calculated a larger Budget for you—so you can feel comfortable spending it on any foods you want. To balance it out, you have fewer ZeroPoint foods.

More PersonalPoints™/Fewer ZeroPoint™ Foods

So…how do I work this?

💡Trust the science.➡️ Your Budget was designed for your body and your goals. If your Budget is bigger than before, we’ve adjusted your ZeroPoint foods to balance it.
💡Go ahead and add more Points! (Yes, you read that right.)➡️ Nope, it won’t make you gain weight. You add only a little less than half of what you burn. Your weekly Budget has also been adjusted.
💡Lean into tracking. ➡️ If you’re worried that too many Points will make you gain weight, remember: You’ll be tracking nearly everything you eat, so you’ll always have the full picture.
💡Embrace the flexibility. ➡️ Some days you’ll eat more, some days you’ll eat less. It’s about a pattern over time.