Kitchen equipment to help you slim

Don’t kiss your old cookbooks goodbye – eating healthier is easy with these brilliant bits of kitchen equipment.
Published February 23, 2017

Just because you’re making smarter choices doesn’t mean your favourite recipes have to go by the wayside. You might just need a little gadget update. These tools are the tricks of the trade, and you might even have a few in your kitchen cupboards already. Time to dig them out and give your cooking a healthy helping hand.

Spray oil gives you all the taste of healthy oils without all the SmartPoints®. On average, 5 sprays = 1 SmartPoints®. Use it to lightly fry foods or add a touch of flavour.

A steamer makes cooking fish and veg a breeze, and will keep your SmartPoints® in check. For a DIY steamer, try wrapping fish, or other foods, in foil with a splash of water, then cook in a hot oven.

Kitchen scales and measuring spoons help you weigh out and measure all your ingredients, so you can track accurately.

Storage containers like Tupperware simplify batch-cooking. Get a freezer-safe variety, and check out our batch-cook tips here.

A julienne peeler lets you make those “zoodles” you’ve been hearing about. It’s a brilliant pasta alternative with 0 SmartPoints®. And you don’t have to stick to zucchini – eggplant, carrots, and squash also work.

A nonstick frying pan keeps your oil and fat content down, because you don’t need them to stop the food sticking to the pan. Use it to cook meat, eggs, or veg – with fewer SmartPoints®.

And, these ingredient heroes…

Keep these low SmartPoints® smart swaps in your cupboard or fridge.

Use 0 per cent fat Greek yogourt in place of double cream – in sweet or savoury recipes – and you’ll save 2 SmartPoints® per serving.

Add a zero hero flavour-boost, such as dried chili flakes, fat-free tomato salsa, garlic, lemon juice, soy sauce or herbs, dried or fresh.

Swap whole milk for skimmed – you’ll save 2 SmartPoints® per serving, and you won’t even notice the difference in your oatmeal.