Success Stories

Inspired to Retire Fit and Fabulous

"I never met an objective I couldn't reach."
Published November 11, 2015

France Lost 99.6 lbs

"...I decided that I would lose weight in 5-pound increments and not really think about how long it would take. I never met an objective I couldn't reach. ”

"I have been overweight for 25 years. I let my weight get out of control by never making myself a priority. I put my career and family life ahead of myself and never managed to find time for exercise. So year in and year out, and after each pregnancy, I gained a few more pounds. My gradual weight gain turned into a weight problem that was hard to ignore. Heading into retirement, I was 100 pounds overweight.On the cusp of retirement, France knew that losing weight would help her stay healthy and active and enable her to make the most of her golden years. With the help of Weight Watchers at Work, this nurse learned how to take care of herself for a change.

Focus on the Future
I had a vision for my retirement years that included being healthy and fit and fully capable of enjoying my future grandchildren. I knew that if that vision was to become a reality, I would need to lose some weight and get serious about my health. Besides, what better way to end my nursing career than by reaching a healthy weight and maximizing my chances of remaining strong and active for many years to come? That was my motivation when I decided to join Weight Watchers at Work with my co-workers.

Simple is Smart
I chose the Weight Watchers program for its simplicity. It really is just about making smarter food choices. This is a great plan for families because you can prepare healthy meals that everyone will love. No more diet meals for me and something different for the rest of the family. Weight Watchers makes it a cinch to adapt family favourites to make healthier versions. It’s easy, and that’s why it works for me.

Strength in numbers
I love attending weekly group meetings with my friends at work. We encourage each other and help each other out. What a motivator! Combine that support with willpower and you have the prefect recipe for success. This journey would have been much tougher without their support.

5 pounds at a time
I decided not to set a goal weight right away. Instead, I just started following the Program to see what would happen. After just a few weeks, the results were so encouraging that I decided that I would lose weight in 5-pound increments and not really think about how long it would take. I never met an objective I couldn't reach. And I even allowed myself a treat every once in a while! Next, I started doing some of the activities I used to enjoy, like walking and hiking, and working out in my home gym.

Eyes on the prize
I have lost over 90 pounds and I fully expect to reach my goal of losing 100 pounds. I know I can do it now. I’m so much happier, and more driven and energetic.

And what can I say about my family? They're all so proud of their mom. And I’m proud of myself too. I’m amazed at how my results have motivated my entire group. It’s their motivation that encourages me to keep going. I hope the story of my weight loss journey will inspire even more Weight Watchers members.

We can all do this together!