How to Track Non-Starchy Veggies in Your WW App

Having the ability to add Points for smarter choices, like eating more veggies, feels less like work and more like something worth celebrating!
Published February 9, 2022

One great feature of our PersonalPoints Program is the ability to add points to your daily budget. You can add Points by drinking 1.75 L of water, being active and by eating non-starchy vegetables. In this article, we are going to go over how to track your non-starchy veggies (NSV) to get those added Points.

How to track your non-starchy veggies to add Points:

Method 1: Using the Veggies “+” button

Tracking your serving of NSV can be as easy as tapping the + button right beside the "veggies" section on My Day, right under your Budget. Each time you eat 1 cup (or roughly 1 handful) of non-starchy veggies, tap the veggies "+" in your app to add your Point.

Method 2: Tracking WW recipes

If you track a WW recipe that contains non-starchy veggies (like a vegetable frittata or a salad) our database does the work for you by automatically calculating what you tracked, and adding Points.

If you get Points through tracking a recipe with non-starchy veggies, you don’t need to also tap the veggie + icon.

Method 3: Tracking veggie servings

You can also add your non-starchy veggie serving by tracking the veggies like you would any other food. Simply search for the vegetable in your search bar and add your serving size, if it is 1 cup or more the app will automatically add a Point for you!

Non-starchy veggie tracking tips:

  • Make sure you are logging your veggies in the form you eat them. Making a salad with 4 cups of raw spinach? You’ll get 4 Points for logging those 4 cups. Sautéing that spinach to toss in an omelet and suddenly it’s only 1 cup cooked? We see you shrinking spinach. Log 1 cup to add 1 PersonalPoint.
  • You can track partial portions of veggies. Let’s say you are having a meal with ½ a cup of tomatoes and ½ a cup of mushrooms. To add a Point you could either: A) tap the + button next to veggies (it automatically defaults to a 1 cup serving) or B) type “tomatoes” into the search bar and track ½ a cup. Then do the same with the mushrooms. The app will take those two partial servings within the same meal and add them together and give you a Point. If you are having ½ a serving at one meal and ½ at another, just use the + button
  • Not sure what counts as a non-starchy vegetable? You can always check in your WW app by checking your list of 0 Point foods at the very bottom of My Day in the Explore section.