How to hit your fitness goals

WW tools that can help lead you to success
Published December 17, 2020

Activity is just one of the four tenets of WW’s holistic approach to health and wellness. Each of the three others, food, mindset, and sleep, are equally important, and these four areas can work together to help you achieve your goals.

When it comes to activity, the key for success is to find something you enjoy doing and that you can do consistently, whether that’s having nightly dance parties in your kitchen, walking the dogs each morning or taking a virtual boxing class.. You’re more likely to work out if you’re having fun while doing it.

With myWW+ and the award winning app, there are lots of ways to make working out more enjoyable and more accessible. You can easily track all your activity, find new workouts to try, and gain FitPoints for your activity achievements. And you’ll get encouraging messages from the app when you hit a milestone. Having that support and encouragement right in the palm of your hand will help you stay motivated to keep hitting your activity goals.

With WW’s new personal assessment, weekly check-ins, progress reports, and action plan, you can set achievable goals for yourself each week and get a clear picture of how you’re doing. The app’s updated activity dashboard now gives you better insight into your progress over time and encourages you to stay active with daily and weekly progress trackers.

If you wear a fitness tracker, you can sync it with the WW app and seamlessly merge the two, letting you earn FitPoints for all those steps you’ve tracked. And while you’re working up a sweat, you can challenge yourself to stay hydrated with the water tracker built into the WW app to make sure you’re getting enough H2O each day.

Whenever you need workout inspiration, take a peek at the app’s offerings through WW’s partner Aaptiv. You can find free audio and video workouts right in the WW app, ranging in modalities and timeframes so you can find something fun that fits into your schedule and suits your fitness level.

Aaptiv offers equipment-free audio workouts right in your WW app. Aaptiv’s offerings are ideal for beginners because you can choose your intensity with workouts that meet you where you are.