How to Grow (Yes, Grow!) Your PersonalPoints™ Budget
Getting rewarded? Pretty great. Getting rewarded for doing something healthy? Even better.
Published October 20, 2021
You can increase your PersonalPoints in not one, not two, but three ways.

Just by doubling down on what you’re probably already doing.

By eating non-starchy veggies (✓), drinking water (✓), and moving your body (✓), you’ll pile up the PersonalPoints—and create healthy habits. Focusing on day-to-day behaviours that improve wellness (like these three things do) will make them start to feel like something you want to do, instead of just something you have to do.

Don’t know where to start? Keep this close for easy reference.

MYTH: More PersonalPoints = eating more food = gaining more weight

TRUTH: Your Budget is designed so that you can add and spend additional Points and still lose weight. (Promise!) We spent months testing our new program to make sure you’ll be able to hit your weight-loss goals while adding Points. You add PersonalPoints as a positive reinforcement for fitting extra movement into your day, swapping sugary drinks out for water, and reaching for filling fibre-rich veggies. So those PersonalPoints you add aren’t working against you, but strengthening a response to choices that leave you feeling good. You simply can’t max out on investing in your health.