Healthy Pancakes

All you need to know about this griddled favourite.
Published February 21, 2017

Maple syrup being poured on a stack of pancakes

This year, celebrate your love of pancakes on February 28, known as Shrove Tuesday, Pancake day or more popularly, Mardi Gras!

So why do we celebrate pancakes in February with an abundance of griddled goodness? Throughout history, Christians would traditionally use up food that could not be eaten during Lent, which is seen as a time of fasting and reflection. Families would clear their pantries of perishable and indulgent food and eat the bounty atop pancakes.

That tradition has turned into a global celebration of pancakes – which some historians believe to be one of the first cooked cereal foods eaten in prehistoric society.

Our love affair with the pancakes stretches back centuries and across continents. Celebrate the humble pancake with these healthy recipes!

Healthy Pancake Recipes