Have you tried these WW Kitchen tools?

Four tools to help you cook healthier

Making healthy food choices is a lot about the food itself but having the right food tools to help you in the kitchen can make these great foods can go a long way in sticking to your healthy cooking habits. Here, we have rounded up four great WW kitchen tools to help make cooking healthy even easier, available at your local WW Studio.


2020 SmartPoints kitchen scale

Every well-equipped kitchen needs a scale. Whether you will use it for baking and cooking or for measuring your portions for even more accurate SmartPoints tracking, this sleek scale is a must-have.


Popcorn popper

Are you a popcorn lover? One of our most-loved kitchen items, this two-piece silicone microwave popcorn popper holds 10 cups of popcorn, is collapsible for easy storage, and comes with a lid for saving any leftovers. 


3-in-1 Avocado tool

This multitasking master makes enjoying avocado even easier. One end slices, the middle serrated opening easily removes avocado pits, and the other end perfectly scrapes out all of your avocado so you’re not missing one single morsel of this guacamole staple.

myWWTM program cookbook

Our latest cookbook makes living the myWW program tastier than ever. With great go-to recipes for any meal, each recipe lists SmartPoints for all plans, as well as has a handy index where you can search by SmartPoins value per plan. Plus, each chapter starts off with handy recipe builders for great basics like omelettes, soups, sheet pan dinners, nice creams, popcorn, and more!