Fuel Your Fitness

The right food choices will give you the energy you need to get active and help you get more from your workout
Published February 5, 2017

Eating well is not just about losing weight, it is about supporting all aspects of your healthier lifestyle, including exercise. Follow our fuelling tips to keep your energy levels high.

Avoid large meals at least an hour before exercising. Your body needs time to digest food, so you don’t feel uncomfortable during a workout.

Eat slow-release foods to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Chocolate or cookies may give you a quick boost, but you need something with enough energy to sustain you during, say, a swimming session or dance class.

Eat two hours after exercise to help your muscles refuel more efficiently. Avoid high-fat foods – go for oatmeal with sliced fruit, beans on toast, or 0 per cent fat Greek yogourt with fruit salad, instead.

Drink enough fluids before, during and after exercise. Did you know that if you’re feeling thirsty, your body is already getting dehydrated? This forces your muscles to work harder, risking fatigue and injury, and makes it more difficult for you to focus. Following the steps in Zumba is hard enough!

Stay away from sports drinks as these often contain lots of sugar. Experts say they’re only useful during high-intensity activity, such as running a marathon. Stick to water or sugar-free juice to stay on track with your weight loss while you’re out for a walk or on the treadmill.