Four New Year's Menus to Celebrate

Ring in the New Year with these stylish and sumptuous menus!
Published December 17, 2021

In need of menu-planning inspiration for an upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration? From a classic and chic steak dinner menu to a comfort food-fiesta (and anything in between), your new year’s gathering is sure to be memorable for yourself and for all attendees when these menus are included in the mix.

A Classic NYE Celebration

Break out the champagne flutes and silverware! This classic New Year’s Eve menu features time-honoured dinner party favourites such as shrimp cocktail, a beef tenderloin recipe for eight (including asparagus and brown rice for a side), a champagne vinegar-dressed salad, and a showstopper cherry cheesecake for dessert. Champagne is the go-to libation for NYE, but you’ll also find a sweet-tart recipe for pear and cranberry prosecco punch (champagne or cava can also be used in place of the prosecco.) Serve this dinner buffet-style, letting your guests help themselves, and enjoy the final hours of the year without having to plate each individual serving.

An Italian-Inspired Seafood Spectacular

Enjoy the “frutti di mare” this New Year’s Eve with these recipes inspired by the ocean’s bounty and Italian cuisine. Purchase all fresh seafood the day before the get-together, and make sure frozen seafood hasn’t been sitting in the freezer for longer than 3 months. Truffle salt, although pricey, is intensely flavourful (in other words, a little goes a long way) and will add more pure truffle flavour than an oil. An Aperol spritz is the perfect companion to a seafood supper, or you can take the opportunity to sip on one of the many other Italian digestifs — think limoncello or amaro — which can be found wherever liquor is sold.

A New Year’s Morning Feast

Whether you’ve been celebrating the festivities the night before or your New Year’s day brunch is the main event, there’s no denying the appeal of a festive breakfast with friends and family. Our version of eggs Benedict, which we’ve made with reduced calorie mayonnaise instead of egg yolks and butter, comes together without any stress — especially with the help of a trusty kitchen assistant. If you’d prefer a make-ahead option, this recipe for Mushroom and Pepper Frittata with Tomato and Basil is perfect for serving at room temperature with the rest of the menu items. We recommend mixing up spicy bloody Caesars (or mimomas) in a pitcher and offering guests a selection of garnishes such as pickled green beans or asparagus, lemon and lime wedges, celery sticks, and extra hot sauce.

A Comfort Food Favourites Menu

Prefer to skip the busy crowds and uncertain transportation home? Our comfort food-focused NYE menu is best enjoyed in cozy pajamas while watching the ball drop in New York City. Featuring WW-friendly recipes for garlic bread, Caesar salad, potato wedges and buffalo wings with blue cheese dip, we’ve finished the meal with a classic frosted chocolate layer cake. An Amaretto Sour features bourbon, amaretto (an Italian almond liqueur) and maraschino cherries; if you like your cocktails less sweet, a batch of Moscow Mules or Grapefruit-lime paloma spritzers are just as tasty.