Food trends we will see in 2023

What some experts are expecting to see in the new year.
Published January 23, 2023

At the end of every year, experts look ahead to try to predict what’s to come the following year. Here’s what some of them are expecting to see in 2023 in the world of food and nutrition.

Dr. William Li, physician, scientist, president and medical director of the Angiogenesis Foundation, and author of the upcoming Eat to Beat Your Diet: Burn Fat, Heal Your Metabolism, and Live Longer, is predicting an exciting year ahead with “food trends that connect the joy of eating with better health, improved metabolism, and smaller waistlines.”

Shopping in the middle aisles of the grocery store

“Yes, middle aisles,” says Li, “to find canned, jarred and boxed foods, such as canned beans, lentils, dried fruits, dried mushrooms, chili peppers, dried prunes [and] tree nuts. These have all been studied in clinical studies showing they improve metabolism, shrink [the] waistline and fight body fat. Time to hunt for these treasures.”

Trying new seafoods for omega-3s

“It’s not just the oily fish like salmon, anchovies and sardines,” says Li. “New seafood to obtain omega-3s will include mussels, razor clams and squid. Seaweed salad will also be added to the mix.”

Eating MediterAsian-style

“We all know some of the healthiest food for your waistline come from ingredients used in both Mediterranean as well as Asian culinary traditions,” Li says. “Well, they were once connected by the greatest trading route in human history – the Silk Road. MediterAsian-style eating connects both traditions and opens up the door for so many more recipes that can help you gain health while losing weight.”

Over at Mind Body Green, their editors get together every year to compile their annual wellness trend report, which covers the categories of beauty, health and nutrition, home, and fitness.

In terms of food and nutrition, the MBG team is expecting to see a focus on protein intake – specifically, increasing our intake in a sustainable, healthy way.

The Food Network is predicting a focus on:

  • Nostalgic food
  • Tamarind – said to be the ingredient of the year
  • Vegan honey alternatives, such as date syrup

As far as the food industry goes, Forbes is expecting to see some interesting trends, including:

  • An increasing impact on dining by artificial intelligence
  • A rise in private dining clubs
  • A decrease in popularity for plant-based foods
  • A preference for pick-up over delivery, as inflation and delivery fees continue to rise