Digital 360 sneak peek!

Published April 20, 2021
Coach Jake teaches the fundamentals of Digital 360!

Check out this sneak peek of the expert content you get with a Digital 360 membership!

With Digital 360 you get access to CoachLIVES where our expert Coaches share the science of WW, meal inspo, workout ideas, and more!

What is Digital 360?

It's next-level coaching and support.

With Digital 360, you have a support squad like no other.

On-demand, expert-led support

Built on our science-backed weight loss program, Digital 360 delivers coaching, a relatable community, and always-on experiences that you can drop into the moment you need them.

Our Coaches are superstar motivators on their own wellness journey, so you can count on them for tips, tricks, and advice with your myWW+ experience: our most holistic, most personalized approach to weight loss—ever!

Introducing Digital 360