Success Stories


Edmonton, Alberta

Hi Weight Watchers Canada, my name is Alma and I am beyond excited to share my journey with you! I came across Weight Watchers for the first time back in 2010. But truthfully, I didn't really discover the power behind program until 2014.


I am from Edmonton, raised most of my life here. I am a teacher by trade but wear many hats which include fitness instructor, runner and a freelace make up artist. With the help and support of Weight Watchers, I took many small steps that eventually led to changing my lifestyle and my mentality regarding my weight loss journey. I can truly say, Weight Watchers has given me the confidence to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. At first, I saw the program as that, just a program. Along the way and with changes, those changes became my habits and my life. I am inspired by so many, so I hope that I can inspire someone in return.

Breakfast is so important to me, as it sets up my day in the right direction. My "go-to" breakfast always includes coffee, protein, a grain and fruit. Most days my breakfast is as seen here: a "protein pancake" with 1tsp of no sugar added jam. For the protein pancake: blend 1/4C of quick oats, 1/4C of dry cottage cheese and 1/4C of unsweetened almond mily with 2T of egg substitute for 3SP). Alongside the pancake, 1/2C of fat free substiture in 1tsp of olive oil (1S), 1/2C latte with unsweetened almond milk (0SP), a banana and some berries (0SP).

I have been active most of my life, which was why I had such a hard time grasping why I was heavier. It wasn't until I understood the correlation between food and activity that I found my joy in fitness. Weight Watchers helped me clear the lines that were so blurry for so long in regards to nutrition and activity. Now, I see all forms of movement as fitness: from walks, to yoga classes to running. I believe that you have to find your fitness! Do what you like to do as you are more likely to keep it up!

Living life to it's fullest and being happy are two (of many) lessons I have learned on Weight Watchers. It's easy to focus on the "bad" when things aren't going your way, but if you can find one reason to smile, your day could turn around. Weight Watchers has given me the opportunity to be happy and to look at the whole spectrum of life, not just the scale and the number. Living beyond the scale means spending quality time with my husband, my family and taking in our beautiful mountains whenever possible.

You do you! That is my Weight Watchers motto. Everyone's journey and path is so different, yet the flexibility of the program allows you to be you. Weight Watchers has helped me rediscover that sparkle that was there, but stored away. Personally, Weight Watchers has provided me with the tools to live an active, balanced and healthy lifestyle. It is part of my life. It's not some quick gimmick or fix, it truly is a lifestyle that I proudly embrace and highly recommend. It's never too late to join and empower yourself!