All the ways the WW app can help you lose weight

Coach Jocelyn shows off her favourite tools. (Which one is yours?)
Published December 10, 2020

The WW app is so much more than a food tracker—it’s five weight-loss and wellness apps in one! Coach Jocelyn points out her favorite features that will help you most!

The insider's guide to the WW app

Top takeaways:

It’s normal to worry about getting tracking “wrong.” But there is no wrong, and that’s also not what this is about. Tracking is about developing awareness, not about being perfect, because nobody is perfect.

When you’re getting started, it’s really important that you have people on your side who just get it. Our WW community is called Connect and it’s the heart and soul of the app. It’s your community! It’s your opportunity to get to know other people who are on this journey with you and share tips and tricks along the way.

If you really want to master the app, sign up for your *free* App Academy! They happen several times a week and you can go as many times as you want.