Aim for a blue dot today

Read this and you'll know what that is.

You’ve started food tracking, which is awesome! Today we want to reinforce that tracking isn’t about perfection. It’s about developing awareness of what (and how much) you eat so that you can be informed enough to see patterns and make changes.

Top takeaways:

  • We know that every day is different, and you shouldn’t be expected to nail your Daily SmartPoints Budget 100% of the time. Some days you might be a little under, some days a little over—and either way it’s OK!
  • Tracking consistently is more important than tracking perfectly.
  • On your app’s homescreen you’ll see a blue dot on days that you stay in the HEZ—and three blue-dot days in a row earns you WellnessWins!

Jaclyn London, MS, RD, head of nutrition & wellness

Hi guys, Jackie London here! I’m so excited to be chatting with you today about one of my favourite tools on myWW+. But before we get into the specifics, let’s back up a little. So far, we've asked you to not worry so much about the numbers in the tracker. But today, I’m going to help you focus more on food tracking and introduce you to the Healthy Eating Zone.

The Healthy Eating Zone is your personalized SmartPoints range. Yes, there’s a range! It differs slightly based on what myWW+ plan you’re on: For Green it's -10/+8; on Blue it’s -13/+8; and on Purple it’s -11/+8. That means you don’t have to hit your exact daily budget every day!

I love the Healthy Eating Zone because it removes the pressure to be perfect.

It can be so easy to get caught up in getting tracking "right” or being exact about your SmartPoints. Then when you have a day when you don’t hit that number—which you will, because we’re all human!—it’s easy to feel like a failure and want to give up. But that's the exact opposite way to reach your goals. Remember, tracking consistently is more important than tracking perfectly.

3 reasons why staying flexible benefits YOU

  1. Your energy needs can (and will!) vary.
  2. Your schedule may change.
  3. You’re playing the long-game.


We know it’s rare to have two days that are the same—and that’s NORMAL! What you eat often changes day to day; it depends on your schedule, whether you have any social occasions planned, or what's available at the time!

How hungry we feel on any given day can be impacted by so many things as well, like how well you sleep, what happened during your day, whether or not you walked past a bakery making fresh brownies or a pizza place with hot-out-of-the-

oven pies, if you’re sad or stressed, or how active you are—the list goes on.

That’s why trying to hit an exact number or stay within your Budget every single day—can feel daunting and restrictive, especially when plans change. And again: you’re playing the long game here. If you’re eating in a way that you can’t sustain, it’s not going to last! The Healthy Eating Zone helps you make healthy eating a pattern for life.

All of this probably makes sense—but understanding why it's great versus actually doing it can be hard! Here are some tips that I think can really help set you up for a day in the HEZ:

1. Start your day with something satisfying and energizing.

Plan ahead. Start with the foods that you love and know you’ll definitely want to eat. For me, it’s important to start the day with something satisfying and energizing. Right now, I’ve been LOVING avocado toast and chocolate PB overnight oats (both are 5 SPs since I’m on Blue). Once I decide what I’m feeling, I put it in my Tracker first thing—sometimes it’s the night before or while I’m still in bed! That way, I have a better sense of how many points I have left and how I might want to spread them out for the rest of the day. It’s all about recognizing which foods or meals are important to you and making sure you can have them!

2. When in doubt: More produce, more often!

Make the most of ZPFs. If you’re feeling stuck, I want you to remember my mantra: More produce, more often! This doesn't mean it's all you can eat—it just means finding ways to sneak it in, anywhere you can. Plus, it’ll help you build healthier eating habits, long-term.

3. Open your app and track!

It’s the best way to know if you’re on track. On your app’s homescreen, you’ll see a blue dot on days that you stay in the HEZ—and three blue-dot days in a row earns you points toward Wellness Wins!

And real talk: The end goal is weight-loss that becomes weight management over time, not to get a blue dot every single day. Again, it’s about staying flexible. Think about how many days this week it’s realistic for you to get a blue dot. The point of the dots is to help you see progress and shift toward healthier patterns—not to measure perfection! So, make use of that HEZ to help you make more food choices that are right for you. Then head to Connect to follow the #bluedotchallenge or share your own streak.

I can't wait to talk to you guys again soon. I have so many more tips that I’m

dying to share—like my grocery shopping secrets, how to eyeball portions, and why I love big-batch cooking. Okay, I’m going to go track my breakfast and see if I can get that blue dot. Let’s see if we can both get a streak going!