9 food tips to keep you on track

Need a new idea for a healthy twist on your everyday favourites? Try these handy ideas from real members...
Published October 16, 2016


1. ‘You can use fruit in place of sugar in bakes because it contains natural sugar. Dates have become a useful addition to my store cupboard.’ Debbie

2. ‘To add a spicy kick to my morning omelette, I add some sliced jalapenos to my usual mushroom, tomato and grated cheese Blling.’ Ingrid

3. ‘Smoked paprika is a must-have for me. It adds so much flavour to so many things. I also love fresh basil and fresh coriander – they’re zero heroes and really brighten up a dish.’ Laura

4. ‘I love prosecco, but I’ve swapped it for sparkling water with slices of lemon served in a Champagne Flute – your brain will think it’s the real thing!’ Melissa

5. ‘I replace beef or pork mince with Quorn – it’s environmentally-friendly and lower in SmartPoints, too.’ Maria

6. ‘I use my spiraliser so often and love experimenting. I stir-fry or microwave courgetti to have instead of pasta, or add it to soups in place of noodles.’ Janey

7. ‘To bulk out a Weight Watchers ready meal, I fry veg such as onions, mushrooms and peppers with cooking spray. It makes the meal feel more substantial and always fills me up.’ Eileen

8. ‘I love risottos. I avoid cream and stick to stock, a small amount of wine and one tablespoon of grated parmesan. Then I’ll chuck in any extras – chicken, butternut squash, veg – for a delicious meal the whole family loves.’ Chris

9. ‘As well as keeping a bowl of fresh fruit on my desk at work, jars of pickles have been my salvation. A pickle or pickled onion is a great instant snack.’ Zoe