7 Smart Buys That’ll Help You Add PersonalPoints™ to Your Budget
For the first time in WW history, you can actually grow your Budget by doing healthy things. These clever products make it even easier.
Published March 24, 2022

Growth. It’s a quality so many of us are aiming for in our lives—but wow can it be tough. Unless we’re talking about growing your WW Budget. Now that can actually be quick and simple.

It’s one of the awesome new features of our new PersonalPoints™ Program: Eating non-starchy veggies, drinking water, and being active can add Points® to your daily or weekly Budget. The ability to add Points for these healthy actions helps turn them into habits, so they start feeling completely natural.

To put these habits front and center in your mind, consider these seven helpful products—all sold right in the WW Shop.

Best For: Loading up on Non-Starchy Vegetables

For every cup you eat, one PersonalPoint will be added to your daily Budget. Veggies like these have a ton of health benefits, thanks to their vitamins, minerals, and particularly fibre, which may help keep you fuller longer.

1. WW Silicone Food Huggers
$14.99, set of 4

Sometimes, nature doesn’t deliver produce in the ideal serving size. What to do with the rest of the tomato that you sliced for your sandwich? Or the other half of that lemon you squeezed onto your salad?

If your answer is “use cling wrap and watch it mummify in the fridge,” we’ve got a better solution: These four colourful, stackable silicone covers, each a different size. They create a tight seal around fruits and vegetables to keep cut produce fresh and tasty. Slip them on peppers, onions, lemons, limes, or, grapefruit halves. They’re BPA-free and safe for the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher.

2. Pull String Food Processor

Let’s face it - chopping veggies can be a pain. If you dread chopping veggies or aren’t too confident with your knife skills then this simple food processor is for you! Quickly chop, mince, or dice vegetables with the pull of a string. The durable bowl holds up to two cups and the detachable stainless steel blades make cleanup a breeze.

3.WW Reusable Produce Bags
$13.99, set of 5

It’s a sad ending for your produce purchases when they spoil before you get a chance to eat them.

This set of five reusable, breathable polyester bags—one small, two medium, and two large—not only help preserve your fruits and veggies for longer, but they can also replace the single-use plastic baggies you’d typically tote home from the store. Being kinder to the planet while enjoying your non-starchy veggies? Double the good vibes!

Best For: Maximizing Your Daily Water Intake

Pop another Point onto your daily Budget each day by reaching a water goal of 60 ounces. Staying hydrated not only supports your overall wellness journey, but guzzling H20 means you’re less likely to be drinking soda or other sugary beverages.

4. WW Half- Gallon Water Bottle

People often mistake thirst as hunger, which means you could be reaching for a snack when all you really need is a good glug of water. (BTW, snacking is A-OK…but you gotta stay hydrated!). This 64-ounce bottle— made of Tritan plastic, which is free of BPA and all other bisphenols—, is tailor-made for hitting your water-tracking goals.

Progress markers with motivational phrases help you stay on top of your water consumption throughout the day, the bottle’s opening is roomy enough for ice cubes, and the removable snap-tight spout prevents leaks in your bag. A carrying handle and removable strap lets you tote the bottle everywhere, and it’s dishwasher-safe for easy-peasy cleaning.

5. 38.5oz Hydration Bottle

If you spend your days on the go, then you might want a water bottle that is smaller and easier to travel with. Sip water all day with this 38.5oz hydration bottle. Thanks to the copper-core lining, your chilled water maintains its temperature for up to a full day. The vacuum seal prevents pesky condensation (no more unsightly rings on your desk or puddles in your car’s cup holder), and the cup comes with a leak-proof lid for the ultimate convenience.

Best For: Boosting Your Physical Activity

Being active also adds Points®, this time to your weekly Budget. (How many? Depends on your weight, height, sex, activity, and length of the activity.) Exercise has all kinds of proven health benefits—from boosting confidence to lowering your risk of disease—plus, research shows that changing what you eat and increasing movement leads to 20% more weight loss than just altering what’s on your plate.

6. WW "I Can. I Will. Watch Me.™" Gym Bag

A great bag isn’t just a boon for workout organization—it can also put you in the “let’s go!” mindset. This one is lightweight, roomy enough for all your athletic attire, and can double as a travel duffle. It also offers a few words of encouragement to remind you that you got this, always.

With a separate shoe compartment (fits sneakers up to a women’s size 13 and a men’s size 11) to keep schmutz off your clothes, plus a zippered waterproof pocket for sweat-soaked items, this bag holds all your fitness essentials without commingling the clean and the dirty (or worse, the wet). Can this foldable, packable, water-resistant nylon bag go the distance? It can and it will—just like you.

7.Forbes Riley SpinGym: At-Home Resistance Trainer.

This tool is a great way to boost your daily activity and get those Points! The SpinGym is great for both beginner and advanced skill levels and can be used while you’re sitting or standing—making it a great choice for all levels of mobility.

To use it, simply put two fingers in each end of the SpinGym, keeping your hands close together but not touching. Using your arm muscles and without moving your wrists, draw your hands apart to wind up the center of the SpinGym. When the SpinGym is completely wound up, tug and release the ends like an accordian, keeping in a straight line without letting the center drop.