7 Creative ways to enjoy a socially-distanced New Year’s Eve

Cozy and safe alternatives to ring in 2021
Published December 7, 2020

Just because in-person New Year’s Eve bashes are on hold this year, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make more intimate gatherings feel just as memorable. From solo celebrations to family festivities, here’s how to ring in the new year while keeping yourself and the ones you love safe.

1. Make a shareable NYE playlist

Commemorate the year’s best music in a shared playlist created by friends and family. Use a music streaming service to collaborate, encouraging everyone to submit a song or two, and make the playlist link shareable with everyone. Plan a virtual listening party on New Year’s Eve, giving people the opportunity to share a story about why they picked their song.

2. Enjoy special foods

Whether your choices lean towards decadence or comfort, make sure to welcome in the new year with foods that feel special to you in one way or another. Some classic party offerings, like oysters on the halfshell and devilled eggs, are zero-to-low in points — all the more reason to include them in your celebration.

3. Treat yourself to some “me” time

Give yourself the gift of a luxurious home spa treatment, using your favourite store bought beauty products or creating your own using everyday ingredients. Take the time to truly care for yourself with a facial or set aside time for a long soak in the tub with bubble bath, using the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new book or podcast. It’s important to acknowledge all the hard work your body has done for you this past year, and a well-earned self-care session is the perfect way to do so.

4. Toast the new year with a sparkling cocktail

There’s no better occasion than New Year’s Eve for enjoying a glass of something flavourful and effervescent, especially when other seasonal ingredients are involved.

5. Travel the globe with firework footage from around the world

Thanks to video streaming sites it’s easy to find live or prerecorded footage of New Year’s fireworks displays from all over the globe. Although the festivities will be quieter than in other years, virtual fireworks displays will still be in high demand, including the famous New York City ball drop in Times Square!

6. Plan a sleepover at home

If NYE is a family affair this year, why not plan a slumber party with your nearest and dearest? Wear your coziest pajamas to build pillow forts, watch movies, and enjoy sleepover staples like popcorn and s’mores in the comfort of your own home. The best part? You can return to your own bed at the end of the night, no sleeping on the floor required.

7. Have a dance party

There’s no better way to begin a new year than with an unapologetic, “who-cares-if-anyone-is-looking” dance party, even if the only company you have is the music itself. For company, host a virtual event with like-minded friends who might be missing their annual NYE dance party. While it might feel awkward at first, after a song or two has passed it will almost feel like you’re all in the same room.