3 Ways To Make WW Even More Livable
Because we’ve got one thing on the brain: your success.
Published November 2, 2021

WW is all about giving you the most flexible program ever, and now that you’re past the basics, you’ve probably found a good groove. Let’s build on that and make sure you’re getting the most out of your program.

1. Keep playing with your Points® Budget

Figure out the meal that’s most important to you (for me, it’s dinner) and focus your Points there—then work backwards, leaning on your ZeroPoint™ foods.

This program is designed to be flexible and built around YOU, so if your ZeroPoint foods aren’t working for you or you want to make a change, you can always retake the PersonalPoints Engine in the WW app. Just click on your profile and go to food settings, then tap ZeroPoint Food Settings.

2. Incorporate the New Ways to Add Points

Instead of eating the same salad every day for lunch, see how many non-starchy veggies you can add to an omelette, or build a crazy-delicious sandwich. If you’re not hitting your water goal, try drinking 1 extra cup each day. Or explore new ways of adding Points for activity, like trying a new obé workout in the WW app.

3. Use Your Hands to Approximate Portions

If you're somewhere without access to measuring tools (we don't expect you to tote 'em around), let your fingers do the talking…and measuring. A guess is just fine. Promise