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5 Apps in 1!

Forget about toggling through fitness, tracking, mindfulness, and sleep apps. Our Award-winning WW app is all you need to get healthier, all in one place.

What you get with the WW App

With 10 million + downloads, 4.7 star review*, and two Webby awards under our belt, we’re proud to bring you an app that is designed to meet your needs.

Customized Tracking

  • We know that tracking is the cornerstone of weight loss success. It is about building awareness of your habits and behaviours. It’s not about perfection.

  • Use our app to track your food, activity, water intake, and even sleep.

  • We’ve designed our app to make tracking fit your life, with easy one-tap estimations, a barcode scanner, popular restaurant foods, and 6,500+ recipes.

Smarter Nutrition

  • We don’t count calories because calorie counting without looking at other nutrients may not result in a healthy eating pattern, which is crucial for both weight loss and reducing the risk of disease.

  • Our PersonalPoints system takes complex nutritional science and distills it down to one easy-to-use number, a PersonalPoints value.

  • PersonalPoints give you what a calorie calculator can’t. Only available with the WW app.

Peer Support

  • Get in touch with members like you, right in the app.

  • Connect is our members-only social network where people feel safe and comfortable enough to keep it real.

  • Be part of a community that shares tips, setbacks, and celebrations, and cares deeply about everything from the best low-PersonalPoints bagel to being their best selves.

Activity for All

  • Physical activity helps you lose weight—but it’s also been proven to boost your mood, confidence, and overall well-being.

  • Exclusively to the WW app, get access to on-demand workouts for all levels with our partners at obé.

  • Plus, you can sync your existing activity tracker to the app to automatically track your steps or active minutes.

Meaningful Mindfulness

  • What’s on your plate is just as important as what's in your head.

  • That’s why we use proven techniques to modify your habits with our expert-developed behaviour change techniques.

  • Plus, only in the WW app, get mini-meditations and 5-minute coaching audio sessions, whenever you need them.
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*iOS reviews