Hail, Explorer!
Dozens of easy, inspiring ideas to help you make the most of our Summer TRY-a-thon.

Congratulations on participating in the Summer TRY-a-thon charm program. Trying something new, whether food, fitness or fun-related can boost your confidence, energy and help you enjoy your journey with Weight Watchers. Attend 7 out of 9 meetings from July 3rd 2016 to September 3rd 2016 and earn an exclusive TRY-a-thon charm.

It’s the perfect time to try something new. We’re encouraging you to sample experiences, food, activities—whatever appeals to you.

But trying new things also lets us see the world in fresh ways, opening up avenues to explore, and jolting us out of comfortable routines that, let’s face it, can get a little too comfy. Want more reasons? It can boost your self-confidence as you learn to master unfamiliar steps. And the more interested you become in trying new things, the more interesting you become to others!

Here are 26 nifty, new ideas!​​

  1. Learn a new language – Italian, French, or… maybe Dutch?
  2. Visit your local library and borrow some books or DVDs for the weekend.
  3. Attend a play or concert at a local venue. Support your community and have a fun night out.
  4. Participate in a clothing swap with your friends — smart way to save cash, too!
  5. Sleep under the stars in your backyard.
  6. Watch a classic film you’ve never seen: Casablanca, Citizen Kane, West Side Story.
  7. Say hello to a neighbour you haven’t seen lately.
  8. Freeze berries and grapes for cool 0 SmartPoints snacks (pop into your seltzer, too!
  9. Play a new game on your smartphone.
  10. Take dance lessons:  ballroom, swing, hip-hop, square dancing!
  11. Grow herbs in a window planter — even if you’re not a green thumb, it feels great to pull off a few leaves of homegrown basil or parsley to finish off a dish.
  12. String holiday lights around your patio or deck.
  13. Listen to a great book 
  14. Whip up a summery snack, for 1 SmartPoints® Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed with Creamy Feta and Cucumber, Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos with Chicken Chorizo, or, if you fancy something sweet, enjoy Maple-Pecan Grilled Bananas.
  15. Take a different route home from work, or on your daily walk.
  16. Refresh your hairstyle — search the internet for ideas.
  17. Start a diary, as a digital document, blog, or old-school notebook. A line a day will do it!
  18. Teach yourself to juggle!   
  19. Check out a podcast— on topics as diverse as food, quirky true stories, the economy….
  20. Share your talents and hard work! Volunteer at a local animal shelter, food pantry, nature preserve, or…?
  21. Pick up prepared salads and fruit (and wine!) for an impromptu weekday evening picnic in the park.
  22. Learn some new moves, at a fitness class.
  23. Visit a nearby farm market — fruit and vegetables are often at their just-picked best!
  24. Give or get an arm and hand massage — you might be surprised to see how much tension we carry there! — with some simple, specific feel-good techniques. 
  25. Get up before dawn and watch the sun come up.
  26. Compliment a stranger — you’ll both feel good!