FAQs: New features & updates to the web and mobile app

Thank you for your patience with our recent changes.

As you may know, we’re undergoing our biggest digital transformation ever. Unfortunately the last few weeks haven’t gone as smoothly as we hoped, and for that we’re very sorry. This FAQ page is here to update you about any new changes, answer your questions, and help you navigate the new “digital home” we’ve been building for you. 


Missing data on your dashboard? 
This issue will be fixed in a few days but in the meantime, the next time you go to track food, the missing food items may reappear again. Additionally, while you should see your favourites and tracked foods, we were not able to move ‘Quick Adds’ because of their individual nature. We are really sorry about this.


Do some of your PointsPlus® values or other data seem a bit off? 
If your weight data isn't exactly what you expect, overwrite your weight. Also, check out your current mode settings for tracking/no tracking. This might have gotten switched in the transition. Lastly, check whether your settings are for maintain or lose. Adjusting these settings back to how you want them will help you get synced back up!

Activity PointsPlus® values seem too high or are missing?
Some activity devices are not syncing properly. Our engineers are working around the clock to fix this and should have it reconciled shortly. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, please track your activities manually.

Healthy Checks and the Good Health Guidelines: In order to streamline your tracking experience, we’ve removed the Healthy Checks feature and the Good Health Guidelines from our program. However, we would never discourage you from keeping tabs on your healthy habits; it’s just not a part of the dashboard anymore. 

Progress Reports 
Progress Reports are no longer a feature, but you can check out the My Foods and Activity icons on the top of your dashboard to see more details about what you’ve tracked. 

Weigh-in day: Your current weigh-in day cannot be changed at this time, but you will be able to do this in the future. Stay tuned!

We understand that many of you would like to switch back to the "old" web layout and mobile app from the "new." 
Unfortunately, many of these glitches are due to the fact that we are in the process of moving each individual's account to a new system. Once that move is complete for all, these glitches will be resolved and we know you'll enjoy our new and improved digital tools.

Search improvements are coming! 
The team is working on personalizing your search experience so that your foods, the ones you've favourited and/or created will show up at the top of your results to make tracking a bit easier, like it used to be. This is coming, we promise!

Did you customize your Daily PointsPlus® Target in the past? 
You may notice that this number has now changed. In this digital transformation, we had to remove the ability for you to customize your target. Feel free to use your 49 weeklies for some extra flexibility.

PointsPlus® values “spent” per meal and day 
Right now, the Tracker will only show how many PointsPlus values you have left for the day. We learned that most members found it easier to focus on fewer numbers.

Looking for your favourites? 
As you scroll down within your foods, or your favourites, you will see ‘More Results’ at the bottom. Click this and you will be able to see the rest of your list. Additionally, the scrolling sidebar should be more prominent.  If you're not seeing the scrolling sidebar, from My Day, click Favourites. To scroll within your favourites, hover your mouse within the box that your Favourites display. By scrolling within this area, you will see the scroll bar appear to the right of the box and you will be able to move to the bottom of your Favourites.

Weight Charts
Coming soon!

The Recipe Builder is back!

  1. Go to My Foods
  2. Click Recipe
  3. Then click Create a Recipe

Once you Create and Track, it will appear among your Recipes under My Foods > Recipe.

Account Info 
Find your Monthly Pass or Lifetime Membership vouchers and other account and billing settings by clicking the Profile icon on the upper right of the screen. Select Settings, then Account

The PointsPlus® values of some foods look strange and I’m seeing a grey bell symbol
These are foods that miss certain nutrient information. If you add the additional nutrients needed, they will look fine.

Your Calculator
Have no fear — the calculator is still here! (after all, what would we do without it?) Just click on the Quick Add icon up at the top of your dashboard and select the Calculator tab. 

Tracked Foods
Once you track your food (with either Quick Add or the Calculator), it will appear in the My Food Daily Log for that day. 

Scrolling through your tracking history
When you select My Food, you’ll see arrows (forward and back) on the top right. Use these arrows to scroll back through your tracking history. 

The Community
Looking for the Community? Here you go community.weightwatchers.ca. 

Tracking your weight
Just an FYI — when tracking your weight, you’ll be unable to enter decimal points. This is a feature we are most definitely working on. If you’d like, you can track your weight on the classic tracker for now. 

Drag & Drop
The Drag & Drop feature is not available at the current moment, but it’s on our radar for later updates. 

Mobile App

Where is the Recipe Builder in the app? 
We are working on this, but in the meantime, while in My Foods, you'll see 'Create' in the top right corner. When you click on this, it will take you out of the app and bring you to WeightWatchers.ca. We recommend building recipes on the web and you'll be able to use them on Mobile. Thanks for your patience!

Multi-add functionality 
We are hard at work on this and trying to improve this feature.

Looking for snap and track or cheat sheets on the app? 
We have streamlined the mobile experience and removed a few of the less-used features like snap and track and cheat sheets.

Issues with the iPhone 4s app 
This version of the app is not working at this time. Please use the web experience to track and access your information.