“There are so many eating out options on New WW Your Way+!”

WW member and Coach Tanya shares why she's loving New WW Your Way+.
Knowing I can have wine and still lose weight makes me very happy!

Name: Tanya Baker
Weight loss on New WW Your Way+: 1.5 kg in 1 week
Weight loss on previous program: 18.3kg in 22 weeks 
Was: 82.8kg | Now:  63kg
Height: 170cm | Age: 33
Method: Group Coaching in Sutherland, NSW, with Coach Jenelle Plackett

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Tanya then and now

How did your weight-loss journey begin?

When my mum told me she was starting Weight Watchers, my second baby was two months old. I thought, ‘There’s no time like the present!’ I’d had success with Weight Watchers when I was 19 so I knew it could work for me again.


What was different this time?

I pre-planned my days. I was organised and knew what I was eating, which made it easy to stick to. I found that I looked forward to my meals rather than just eating whatever I had time to shove in my mouth.


What do you love about the new program?

I’ve been eating so much more protein and try to have it at every meal – especially eggs, salmon and chicken breast. These foods keep me feeling fuller for longer, so I’m less likely to reach for unnecessary snacks like biscuits.  

I’ve also noticed more muscle definition from eating more protein. I don’t get to do a lot of planned exercise as my husband lives in Darwin for most of the month, so I try to do what I can around the house, and seeing that I have more toned arms and stomach is incredible!


What do you choose when eating out ?   

Knowing that salmon and chicken breast have 0 SmartPoints® means I always look at those options first – it’s so much easier now.


What do you cook at home?

I start with the protein and build a recipe around that. The other day I made a Mexican chilli stew using chicken breast then added vegies, tinned tomatoes and seasoning. 

Another night, I had a piece of salmon in the fridge but didn’t feel like just salmon and vegies, so I found a curried cauliflower and salmon pie. On the previous Program, this meal had 10 SmartPoints, but on WW Your Way+ it has only 4 SmartPoints!


How do you use zero Points® foods?

At first, I counted the zero Points foods anyway but now that I know I don’t have to makes everything more flexible and more liveable.


How does the program help you through the weekend?

When I know I’m not going to use all my SmartPoints on dinner itself, I can have an extra glass of wine if I feel like it. Wine is my favourite indulgence, so knowing I can have wine and still lose weight makes me very happy!

Tanya enjoying a glass of wine

How much weight have you lost on WW Your Way+?

I’ve lost another 1.5kg [in two weeks] and am the lightest I’ve been in six years. I haven’t actively tried to lose weight and haven’t been restricting myself, so it’s been a pleasant surprise.