Nicky Moore
Your Way+

“WW Your Way+ helps me listen to my hunger signals.”

WW member and Coach Nicky shares why she's loving WW Your Way+.
WW has helped me build on on my love of cooking to learn healthier ways to cook.

Name: Nicky Moore | Lost: 20.2kg* (weight loss to date)
Was: 75.2kg | Now: 55kg
Height: 166cm | Age: 39
How long it took: 1 year | Time at goal:  5 years 
Method: Group Meetings at various locations in Melbourne, Vic

Join Nicky's meetings: Collins Street, Melbourne VIC
Find Nicky on WW 'Connect': @NickyBicky

Nicky then and now


What was your ‘aha’ moment for losing weight?

I was so unhappy with how I looked following the birth of my sons. I really wanted long-term weight loss, not a fad diet, and a lifestyle change I knew would work beyond the short term.


What do you like about the program?

I could build on my love of cooking and develop a really healthy way to cook. I also was able to incorporate my passion for exercise into my daily routine with activities such as yoga, running and cross-training. I’ve even now completed a triathlon! I feel much more confident exercising with friends and family now.  

Nicky doing a fun run with her family

What have you loved about your journey?

Sharing my success and celebrating with other members and my Coach who supported me was such a nice feeling.


What’s your advice to others wanting to lose weight?

Make changes that support a healthy lifestyle but make sure they’re sustainable for your life. Persist with it and set yourself new goals each week to stay on track.


What are you loving about WW Your Way+?

I’ve been following WW Your Way+ for three months now, and it provides so much freedom. I love the flexibility of so many zero Points foods and not having to track them!


How do you use zero Points foods?

They’re my 'go to' for meals and snacks. For example, grilled skinless salmon with wasabi and a salad is my favourite meal. I was surprised that salmon and corn are 0 SmartPoints®!

Nicky cooking a chicken salad for lunch

How has the program impacted your social life?

Being able to roll over 4 SmartPoints each day into your weeklies makes planning for social events easier than ever. 


Beyond making social occasions easier, why do you think WW Your Way+ works for you?

WW Your Way+ allows me to eat even more in line with my hunger signals. It also directs me towards foods that keep me fuller for longer and foods that I’m less likely to over-consume.  


What’s your favourite indulgence?

Ice-cream with my family during a weekend bike ride.


How does the app make it easy to follow WW Your Way+?

The app provides so much inspiration through 'Connect' as well as being able to look up recipes easily while I’m at the supermarket.  

Nicky riding her bike