Michael Allan-Ross
Your Way+

“WW Your Way+ takes the pressure off tracking.”

WW member and coach Michael shares why he's loving WW Your Way+.
As I was changing on the outside, I was changing on the inside too: becoming more positive, confident and happy with myself.

Name: Michael Allan-Ross
Weight loss on WW Your Way+: 4kg in 4 weeks
Weight loss on previous program: 32.9kg in 7 months
Was: 116kg | Now: 88.2kg
Height: 176cm | Age: 46
Method: Group Coaching at Warners Bay, NSW, with Amanda Sharp

Join Michael's meetings: Warners Bay, NSW
Find Michael on WW 'Connect': @michaelar 


Michael then and now


What kick-started your Weight Watchers journey?

In 2015 I’d been struggling with poor self-image and several health problems, so I decided that 2016 was going to be the year for facing up to the truth about myself. I took myself to my local GP and gave him my list of health concerns (bad knees, cloudy vision, strange chest discomfort). My cholesterol and blood pressure were elevated: slightly higher and I would have needed medication. He told me I needed to lose 30-40kg to get into my healthy weight range for my height and age. 

I realised that I had abdicated my responsibility for my health to others when it was my own responsibility. I remembered my mum's journey with Weight Watchers and that's when I decided to check it out. I was the only guy at the first meeting and, while I felt awkward, I was determined to give it a shot.


How did you feel before starting and how did that start to change?

I lacked the confidence and zeal for life that I had when I was younger, and I’d become more withdrawn from social outings. One thing that surprised me on the program was that as I was changing on the outside, I was changing on the inside: becoming more positive, confident and happy with myself.

When I achieved 30kg loss I was amazed that small changes can make a big difference. What seemed like an impossible journey when I began turned into a great accomplishment.


How did you stay motivated?

I took it one day at a time, tracked my food and went to the meeting each week, putting the advice into practice. The key for me was the support and encouragement I received through my group coaching sessions and the Weight Watchers app.


What food changes did you make?

I used to reward myself with junk food like hamburgers and fries and Coke on the way home from work, and if I’d had a stressful day I’d comfort myself with high-sugar foods. I became a couch potato, too. When I began my journey with WW I sought to eat five serves of vegies and two serves of fruit each day, and began to drink lots of water.


How do you move more?

The FitPoints® aspect of the program helped me to see all movement in terms of the benefit it could bring me. Now I love walking first thing in the morning and monitor all my exercise on my Garmin VivoSmart. Every day I aim to exceed my steps goal and have synced my watch with my WW app so it records my activity automatically. I love outdoor activity - the more variety the better! Cycling, running, swimming laps, kayaking and playing soccer.

I also park further away from the shops so I have to walk, and I try to get involved with the kids more at home and school because it keeps you young!


What do you love about WW Your Way+?

I love the expanded range of zero Points® foods and the way that the program encourages us to eat more healthily and in a more fulfilling way. It takes the pressure of tracking everything I eat and gives me power to make good choices.

Losing weight can often be associated with feeling hungry, but this program gives you options that provide more satisfaction.

Since starting, I’ve had some major life changes that have affected my journey, but I’ve retained the confidence and resilience that I’ve developed on the program.


Does WW Your Way+ make it easier for you to go out?

I used to always be concerned about eating out and blowing my SmartPoints® budget but now I have so many more food options that I can choose and be healthy. I’m more relaxed and less inhibited than before.

Michael Allan-Ross

What do you love about being a Coach?

It’s such an honour to be part of people's lives and help them on their journey. I’ve been a coach since August 2016 and have three regular meetings: Wallsend Tuesday night with Amanda Sharp; New Lambton Wednesday night with Sherry Leigh; and Warners Bay Saturday morning on my own.

How are you incorporating zero Points foods at home?

Chicken breast and salmon are my new best friends for lunch and dinner! In the morning I love eating eggs for their protein and filling value. When I build my day around these foods I’m able to keep my Points down.


What’s your favourite indulgence?

Ice-cream! And a few beers at a barbecue.


What was it like being in the WW TV ad?

I hope it’ll encourage my family, friends and members that anything is possible. My WW journey has been life changing: it's not just about losing weight but finding yourself.


How has your mindset changed?

I’m much stronger and less susceptible to negative feelings. Something has clicked: I just won't put up with the old mindsets. I now teach my members to break that cycle of worthlessness, too.


What are you proud of since prioritising your health?

I’ve set a healthy example for my family; they’ve adopted better habits as a result. Taking back control and responsibility has empowered me to be more effective in other areas of my life. I feel like I’m living the life I dreamed I would and I know the future is only going to get better. I want to live an abundant life and help others achieve that too. Not necessarily an easy life, but an adventure. In the words of Helen Keller; "Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing."

Motivation from Michael


Lose weight your way 
It’s easy to personalise the program. Only you can provide the motivation, the self-discipline and the goals that will help move you towards them becoming a reality.

Don't give up
Develop perseverance and enjoy what the group coaching sessions offer. Make mutual friends who will encourage you on your journey.

Become your best self 
You’re important and you’re worth it. Become the best version of yourself that you can be.