Leah Niewman
Your Way+

“I like knowing what foods to reach for without having to track them”

WW member and Coach Leah shares why she loves WW Your Way+.
Less tracking makes this program really appealing!

Name: Leah Niewman
Weight loss on WW Your Way+: 3.5kgs in 6 weeks
Weight loss on previous program: 22kgs in 10 months 
Was: 81.3 kg | Now: maintaining around 60kgs​
Height: 158cm | Age: 33
Method: Group Coaching at Drysdale, Vic, with Coach Sue Anderson. 

Join Leah's meetings: Geelong West, VIC 
Find Leah on WW 'Connect': @leahjniewman
Follow Leah on Instagram: @wwmotherof2

Leah then and now

What kick-started your weight loss?

A month after having my second child, I felt great and thought I looked awesome … until I looked at a photo taken at that time. Turns out I didn’t look as good as I thought. I knew it was time to go to Weight Watchers and I haven’t looked back since that day almost three years ago.


Why did you choose Weight Watchers?

I was looking for something flexible and efficient, and knew Weight Watchers could offer me that as I’d followed it a few years before while living in Hawaii. I also knew it catered for breastfeeding, which I was doing at the time. 


What motivated you to keep going?

Starting my Instagram account. I never want to let myself or my followers down by not posting. My followers motivate me so much and we share ideas. I offer recipe ideas and take pics of walks I go on. By doing this I hope to inspire others and that thought keeps me going, too!

Leah enjoying a walk by the water

What do you like about the program?

It used to be easy to rely on processed foods but with WW Your Way+ I’m eating more whole foods and more variety than ever before. I used to hardly ever eat seafood, and things like corn and chickpeas, but I’m eating more of these.

Leah doing some meal planning with WW cookbooks

What is most appealing about the program?

Less tracking makes this program really appealing and that there are so many more foods to choose from on the zero Points® foods list. Who doesn’t want to do less for more results?!


Are you loving that you can track less?

I’ll be honest – it was hard to get my head around initially. I felt like because I wasn't tracking, I wasn't following the program 100 per cent. But now knowing what foods to reach for and not worrying about looking up how many SmartPoints® they are makes things much easier.

Leah making overnight oats

How does the program help you through the weekend?

The rollover SmartPoints are great for that. If you don’t use all your SmartPoints Budget in a day, you can roll them over and save them for when you go out. It means you can eat healthily all day, keeping your SmartPoints low, then splurge on higher SmartPoints items when you’re out for dinner. You can really work it around your lifestyle.