“I’ve found it easier to maintain my weight on WW Your Way+.”

WW member and Coach Amy shares why she's loving WW Your Way+.
"I love the flexibility of the program. The ZeroPoint™ foods allow me to enjoy my social life while still staying on track."

Name: Amy Robinson
Weight loss on WW Your Way+: Maintaining - 1.1kgs 
Weight loss on previous program: 18.7kg  in 9 months
Was: 86.6kg | Now: 66.8kg
Height: 170cm | Age: 27
Method: Group Coaching

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Amy Robinson


What kick-started your weight-loss journey with WW? 

One summer’s night I went to the pub with friends and as the security guard checked my ID, he looked me up and down and said: “You’re not coming in here – you’re too fat”. I sat in the gutter and bawled my eyes out. My friends stood by me and tried to comfort me but at that point I knew I had to do something about my weight.


How did you feel at the start?

I was nervous and anxious but after attending my first meeting I was excited. I found the program easier to follow than I expected and the best bit was that I didn't feel like I was missing out on life.


What kept your head in the game?

Breaking down my goals into small achievable goals helped me a lot. Instead of looking at the big picture which I found quite daunting, I broke it up into 5kg challenges and focused on those. If I didn't lose weight one week, I changed my habits the next week to ensure I did.


How do you move more?

Pre WW I felt uncomfortable exercising in public. As the weight started to come off, I joined the gym and love participating in the group classes like Zumba, body step and body pump. Once I reached to goal, I needed something more intense, so I joined CrossFIT, which has challenged me both physically and mentally.

What do you love most about WW Your Way+?

I love the flexibility of the program. The zero Points® foods allow me to enjoy my social life while still staying on track. Plus, being able to rollover the points is fantastic for when you have an event coming up, so you can prepare the week ahead to have enough points to be able to enjoy the event the way you want. This is great for me, as some of my favourite things to do include going to the pub with my friends and having them over for barbecues!


Any surprises from the program?

The amount of food I’m able to eat while still losing weight! I have more energy, too, and that’s a big bonus. The changes have also made it easier to maintain my weight.


How are you using zero Point foods when cooking at home?

I incorporate zero Points foods in most meals – they’re the base of my meals and I add a few ingredients to make a very satisfying meal.

What was it like being in the WW TV commercial?

It was a dream come true! It’s been the highlight of my weight-loss journey.


How has your mindset changed on this whole journey?

Weight loss has a lot to do with having the right mindset. My attitude to life used to be very negative and I was closed off from my feelings. I’ve learnt that being optimistic is important to a successful journey.


How does the app make it easy to follow the program?

The app is my best friend – I’d be lost without it! It’s with me to track my day, look up points values of products, search for recipes and track my weight.

Amy’s top weight-loss tips


Follow Amy’s advice for weight loss success.

1. Clean your teeth as soon as you have dinner - it flicks a switch in your brain, saying that you’re finished eating for the day.
2. Weigh everything and honestly track everything you put in your mouth, even if you’re having a shocker of a day.
3. Don’t take things too seriously: progress over perfection!
4. Move whenever you can – I take the stairs instead of the lift; park further away from the shops; and carry my groceries instead of pushing the trolley once they’ve been bagged.