“On WW Your Way+ I’m eating more, feeling full and losing weight!”

WW member and Coach Amy shares why she's loving WW Your Way+.
"The program has taught me that sleep, exercise and eating well are so important."

Name: Amy O'Dowd
Weight loss on WW Your Way+: Maintaining weight
Weight loss on previous program: 19.1kg in 18 months
Was: 87.6kg | Now: 68.5kg 
Height: 170cm | Age: 29
How long it took: 10-11 months
Method: Online 

Join Amy's meetings: Yarraville, Victoria
Find Amy on WW 'Connect': @amevlou

Amy then and now

What kick-started your weight-loss journey?

Feeling crap! I had such a lack of energy. There’s often a dreaded photo that triggers you – in mine, I looked unwell and unhealthy. Something clicked this time to get serious.


Why did you choose to do the program online?

Time was a big factor for me, not accountability. I was already accountable to so many people because I’d told them I was starting. I didn't feel I needed to go somewhere, I just needed Weight Watchers online tools to help me get to where I wanted to go. Having said that though, I’m now a Coach and knowing what’s involved in meetings, I realise I could have reached Goal quicker!

Amy enjoying a Sunday morning

How did you deal with setbacks and challenges?

Everybody has setbacks – it’s rare not to! There are weddings, social events, just a weekly blowout, and those last few kilos. I always thought, ‘Am I ever going to get there?!’ I believe you need these times to make it sustainable. I never let it deter me – my head was in the right space, and mum was a big support, too. She’d say, ‘Come on, this happened, but it’s nothing major.’


What are you loving about WW Your Way+?

At first I was worried about being on less SmartPoints®. I thought, ‘What am I getting in return?!’ When I took a closer look at the program, it made sense. Eighty per cent of our weekly trolley is fresh produce anyway; the only difference I noticed was that WW Your Way+steers you away from red meat a little, but it’s not like you can’t have it. I’ve noticed I’m eating more, feeling full and losing weight!

I’m also finding I’m not always eating my 23 SmartPoints a day so I have leftover Points, which rollover. It’s great to use those going out on a Saturday night and feeling more relaxed with less counting and tracking. Plus, I’ve lost another two to three kilos in two months.

Amy doing some meal prep

What are you eating more of?

Salmon is fabulous being 0 SmartPoints; I work that into dinners and lunches - I’ll probably grow gills soon! A hard-boiled egg is a winner for a snack – the protein really tides you over.  

I also love filling mason jars with interesting salads of lean chicken, quinoa, corn and cannellini beans. It’s amazing how much you can shove in – I feel like I’m cheating! I’m eating more low SmartPoints foods during the day rather than less meals with higher SmartPoints.


What’s your favourite thing about WW Your Way+?

That eggs are now 0 SmartPoints and I don't have to count them! 


What's the best change you've experienced since losing weight?

The program has taught me that sleep, exercise, and eating well are so important. It’s also helped my anxiety and my self-confidence. I walk differently now, and I feel better in my skin. 

Amy looking at how far she has come