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Noom vs WW: Which is best for weight loss?

No traffic light foods. No restrictions. No good or bad foods. WW teaches you how to create small healthy habits that lead to long term weight loss.

If you’re in the market for an effective weight-loss program, both Noom and WW may have surfaced. While both programs are designed to foster weight loss, the differences between Noom and WW are plentiful. For one: WW has been helping people lose weight for more than 55 years, thanks to decades of research and constant innovation designed to meet the needs of members at every life stage. Read on to learn more about how Noom and WW compare.

How WW is different to Noom

WW is not restrictive and not a diet

  • There are no “good” or “bad” foods, no red or green lights. With WW, all foods are on the menu - and we mean everything. Hello chocolate and wine!

We don't count calories

  • Our SmartPoints system nudges you to make healthier food choices. Not all calories are the same, so our science-backed program takes the nutritional info of a food and boils it down to one number: the SmartPoints value. No need to do the maths - we’ve got you.

You definitely won’t go hungry

  • WW gives you a flexible food budget based on your personal preferences and lifestyle - not a small number of daily calories that leaves you feeling hangry. You’ll always have choices on hand.

We’re not just “psychology” articles

  • We’re here to teach - not preach! We go beyond the “why” of weight loss to the “how” providing practical behaviour change techniques. You’ll learn how to build small healthy habits that become second nature.
Woman with black hair is laughing holding a yoga mat. Superimposed to the right of the image is a mobile app screenshot of the WW MyDay screen with SmartPoints tracking.

The WW approach to weight loss

Freedom with ZeroPoint™ foods

  • ZeroPoint foods are exactly what they sound like—foods that have zero SmartPoints! This means you’ll have loads of nutritious go-to foods that will keep you satisfied without tracking every. single. food

Holistic program for your mind and body

  • Our personal assessment gives us a full picture of your wellness. The WW program supports the food, fitness, mindset, and sleep aspects of your journey. What is on your mind is just as important as what is on your plate.

Everything in the ONE app

  • No need to find (and pay for) separate fitness, health and food tracking apps. Our WW app has everything you need. From hundreds of workouts, mindset audios, sleep and hydration tracking, one app is all you need to smash your weight loss goals.

WW coaches are second to none

  • Our expert coaches have lost weight on the program and know exactly how to support you. You’ll learn new tips every week and they’ll keep you focused on reaching your goals.

Be our next success story

We’ve helped thousands of Aussies and Kiwis like these reach their health and weight loss goals
*People following the WW program can expect to lose 0.5 - 1 kg/week.

Compare plans

Here are important facts to consider when comparing WW to Noom. From what you'll eat, how much it costs, get the facts so you can make the best choice for you.



Best diet review

#1 Best Diet for Weight Loss for 11 years in a row.

No ranking.


Science-backed weight loss leaders for 60 years.

Founded 11 years ago. App launched in 2010.

How it works

Members get a personalised SmartPoints Budget.

Users get a personalised daily calorie budget.

What you'll eat

Flexibility to eat whatever you like.

Foods grouped into a traffic light system.

Accessing the program

WW app and member website.

App and member website.

What's in the app

Food barcode scanner, auto fitness and sleep syncing, workouts, audios and member community.

Manual food, fitness and hydration tracking with daily prompts. No member community.

Expert support

Choice of one on one, in person or group weekly and virtual workshops with a coach.

No in-person or group meetings. Digital personal coaching through the app for the first two weeks.

Overall liveability

A flexible long term approach with with foods you don't have to track.

A strict approach avoiding ‘red’ foods and tracking everything you eat.

Scientific evidence

100+ published studies demonstrating efficacy though randomised clinical trials.

Noom admits research limitations with non randomised or controlled trials.


AUD $33.50 per month on a 12 month plan.

USD $49.50 per month.

Join an true Aussie and Kiwi community

  • WW membership includes the WW AUNZ app, where you can connect with Australian and New Zealand coaches and get support from local WW members

  • Access live experiences like WW Cooking @ Home and hosted walking events with Aussie and Kiwi Coaches

  • A uniquely Australian and New Zealand food and recipe database to scan and track local supermarket products and foods.
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