Workshop Reopen | WW Australia

In-person Workshops are back!

We are excited to let you know that WW Workshops are reopening and you get to connect in person again (at a safe distance, of course).

To find out all about your nearest Workshop, go back to our Workshop Finder page and use the search bar at the top.

Helpful tips for your next Workshop


For the safety of all our members, we recommend the following when attending your next Workshop:

  • Please do not join a Workshop if you’re unwell. You can always attend a Virtual Workshop and weigh in at home.
  • Follow the signage and stay 2 metres apart from WW Coaches and other members.

  • Please try to only touch products you intend to purchase, and use the hand sanitisers provided before browsing. Pay using a credit or debit card or your mobile phone. Additional items can be purchased online on the WW Shop. Get an extra 10% off online with the unique code of your Coach.

  • Your Coach will call you up individually for your Wellness Check-in. You can keep your shoes on - we recommend wearing the same pair of shoes each week.

Only 30 minutes!

A weekly session dedicated to you and your health

Start with a private Wellness Check-in
To record your progress and success, you will start with a weekly weigh-in, either in-person with the Coach on location, or privately at home before the virtual session starts.
Learn science-based strategies for weight loss
Your Coach will lead the Workshop*, covering behaviour change tips designed to help you build healthy and sustainable habits that last.
*Where local safety guidelines allow
Set your goals for the week ahead
Get support from your Coach and fellow Members to help you meet challenges, stay accountable, share helpful tips, and celebrate your success.

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