Winter wellness

Winter in the perfect season for hearty soups and warming desserts! We've got winter wellness tips and practical ways to keep moving indoors.

Winter wellness & wellbeing


The days might be shorter and the nights colder, but we've got plenty of tips for keeping your healthy lifestyle on track over winter!

Sometimes we use winter as an excuse to shift away from healthy habits, but our simple strategies for fitness, cooking and keeping your mindset strong will help you stay motivated all winter long!


Winter recipes and cooking ideas


Winter calls for hearty, warming recipes. From casseroles to curries to slow-cooked meals, we'll ensure your winter cooking is nutritious as well as super delicious!

Winter workouts and fitness tips


With colder mornings, winter can be a hard time to stay motivated and active all season long. With 5 ways to shake up your winter exercise routine to workouts you can do at home in your living room, we'll ensure you stay inspired and have new ideas to try each week.

Winter living and wellbeing


5 ways to welcome winter 

1. Start fresh
A change of season is the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start. Revel in the burst of motivation and excitement that comes with setting new goals, new routines and new challenges.

2. Batch cook hearty winter soups
Not only are soups filling, but by adding lentils, beans and as many vegetables as you like, you’ll have a convenient one-pot meal that’s packed with fibre and nutrients.

3. Lean on community support
If you're a WW member, make sure you visit the Connect section of the WW app.  Follow #winterwellness tips from fellow members and be inspired to keep following the program over winter.

4. Embrace Hugge
Pronounced pronounced ‘hooga’ - Hygge is about cherishing yourself and delighting in simple pleasures. Learn how create a sense of cosy wellbeing.

5. Use your slow cooker
Comfort food doesn't have to mean unhealthy. One of the best ways to make good-for-you winter food via slow cooking. Dust off your slow cooker and pile in legumes, vegies and lean cuts of meat in one pot.