5 ways to kick 5kg

Whether you’ve just started losing weight or have just started to chip away at the last 5kg before you reach Goal, we’ve got some tips to help make shifting the weight a little bit easier.

Try these 5 ways to kick 5kg

1. Put yourself first
We know you’re busy. You have 201 things to do and hardly any time to do them. And that leaves you with almost no time for yourself. Well, it’s time to move yourself right up to the top of the list. Why? Because looking after yourself is essential for your mental health and wellbeing. Need another reason? It will help with your weight-loss and health goals – research shows that happier people make healthier choices. The fact is, losing weight requires commitment and focus, and that’s not possible if you put yourself on the bottom of the priority list.

2. Have realistic expectations
Safe, healthy and long-lasting weight loss means losing up to a kilo each week. Any more than that and your body might be missing out on the essential foods and nutrients it needs. Keep your weight-loss expectations real and remember that every loss is one gram closer to your Goal weight.

3. Quit your exercise excuses
There’s a reason we set every single one of our members a FitPoints® goal – we want to encourage you to move! And while you begin accumulating FitPoints as soon as you start moving, if you’re yet to incorporate some regular physical activity into most, if not all, days of the week, it’s time to do it. “Or, if you are doing regular exercise but it’s only low intensity, rev it up,” says Exercise Scientist Martha Lourey-Bird. And it’s not just your weight-loss efforts that will benefit – regular physical activity helps you feel good, reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. “Plus, we know how important exercise is for keeping the weight off once you’ve lost it, so it’s great preparation for maintaining the weight loss,” says Martha.

4. Be accountable
If your tracking habits have slipped a bit lately, it’s time to start being accountable to yourself again. We know that tracking works and makes seeing results on the scales that much easier. How many times have you heard members say that when they track, the weight comes off?

5. Re-engineer your environment
If you can make your food environment work for rather than against you, you’d do it, right? It turns out that, with some simple tricks and tweaks, you can. Example? Move your fruit bowl into a position where you’ll see it easily, when you enter the kitchen. You’re three times more likely to eat the first thing you see when you’re looking for a snack so why not make that a 0 SmartPoints®piece of fruit?[i] And buy double the amount of your favourite Filling & Healthy foods to stock your fridge with: research proves we eat as much as two times the amount of the food that’s most plentiful in our kitchen,[ii] so if that’s SmartPoints-  friendly options, you’ll be on the right track without having to think too hard about it.

Nearing the finish line: the last 5kg hurdle

5kg to go. For a lot of people, that amount of weight goes on the quickest and is the hardest to lose. So, why can those last few kilos be so tough? “Several factors come together to create the ‘pain’ of the last 5kg,” says Martha. The newness of losing weight has worn off, so your motivation may start to dwindle. You’ve gotten used to it, so it starts to become difficult to maintain the same level of discipline. Plus, there may be a physical reason why your weight loss is slowing, too. “Your rate of weight loss may not be the same as it was to start with, because when you’re nearing your Goal, you’re a smaller person, and that can affect how quickly the weight shifts,” says Martha. Just remember it can be done. The five tips you’ve just read will work whether you’re losing your first or your last 5kg. It’s about perseverance – everything you’ve learned up until now will put you in good stead for losing those last 5kg, too.

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